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  1. Guest23279016

    heyy im cedar i want to be a singer.Justen i need ur help .i need u to plz help meee im 12 years old and i live in a little town called bethle. I love to sing i sing Justen Bieber songs alot i hope i get to meat u some day . hope u get this message Justen Bieber .    love cedar <3


  2. Guest22815786

     just do something like post ur videos on youtube then sure ull get what u want best of luck u all future singers

  3. Guest22798455

     look, all u need to do is just sing sing and sing thts how i got to be like him x


  4. Guest22732576

    f**k u


  5. Guest22695134

    i wanted to become a singer ever since i was little now i am not afraid to come on stage and sing i sing my heart out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Guest22693743

    hi im yasmine hall all i want to do is too be a singer like justin bieber i wanted to sing ever since i was 6 years old i also wanted to meet michael jackson  but i could not meet him somebody plz help me if u know some body famous plz at 443 962 5992

  7. Guest22651489

    Just Don't let your dreams fade way...Keep practicing!!

  8. Guest22530194

     hey bieber, could u pls take me to where u r ? ... I can sing better than you .. 

  9. Guest22530194

     hey bieber, could u pls take me to where u r ? ... I can sing better than you .. 

  10. Guest22527701

    i am in love with justin bieber i was at his concert in the 13th row and he looked right in my eyes and i almost fell off of my chair (standing on it cause i couldn't see lol i'm 2 short) i'm only 11 and i love to sing my friend and his band got a gig they would never let me i think i will try the next star hope i get in wish me luck

  11. Guest22496550

    Just post a video on youtube and hopefully JB see's it.

  12. Guest22450216

     justin bieber how did u become a singer?????

  13. Guest22394339

     can i post my videos singing just like JB . if im puttin my videos ther wil not think tat i copied him JB\????????????????????????????????????


  14. Guest22380519

    i am a lad and i want to bum justin bieber then i want to drink his c*m

  15. Guest21776647

    Never Say Never

  16. Jackie DeBoer

     if you are good, post videos and post as many tags as possible to your videos and send them to random people along with friends, true talent may be hard to find but once it is, u can go far

  17. Guest21529113
    Just keep practicing and post your singing on youtube
  18. Guest21233937
    Then u'l hv to b born as sum1 lyl him, but u didnt so jst do sum self introspection n if u'r meant to b then u'l bkum sum1 way bettr than Justin B.
  19. Guest21090205
    to become a singer you can write a song or coppy post it on Youtube and someone will notice you
  20. Guest20847886
    just keep following your dream
  21. Guest20063052
    practice go on youtube
  22. Guest18236661
    i dunno thats why i ended up here. i was looking xD
  23. Guest17757219
    Just keep your dreams high Oh and to keep you on the up date. Maybe next year your going to see a new singer cause i got a contract. I posted Me singing on youtube and I became famous so practice hard and don't give up because it will pay off soon.
  24. Guest17739229
    Just keep following your dream's and all ways believe in your self cuz you can do what every you put your mind to no matter what it is you just have to believe in it good luck, i know you can do it
  25. Jackie DeBoer
    Just keep following your dream kid and someday hopefully someone will see how great you are....good luck, post videos on youtube too

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