Ballet dancig help needed?

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my name is Joeanne and i started ballet when i was about to turn 11 .

My problems are i am in level 2 and most people start pointe when there 12 and i am 12 now and i consider myself to be a good student i am very very flexible and i know all the meaning of ballet positins . but when the teacher comes to my bar she skips inspecting me completely and does not tell me if i am doing a good job like she tells some of the others(who are younger than me).

And i have asked to be advanced but my teacher said my level is  right for me .


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  1. Mitchel

    A good student never rejects, or suspects the wisdom and decisions of his masters, you are 12 year old and doing pretty well in your ballet dancing. If your teacher doesnot correct you, it means that you have no issues, she finds you in a perfect position. So, its better not to entertain negative thoughts, be positive, and focus on your dancing.

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