Guinness book of world records: 19 girls and 1 car

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I just want to know who has the Guinness book of world record of 19 girls and 1 car? Can someone tell me about it?

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  1. Guest23160293
    Aymen Saleem, a second-year A' Level student at Karachi grammar came up with the idea after coming across a story about the world's largest cake. A quick Google search allowed her to find the perfect challenge - stuffing humans into a SmartCar, one of which Saleem had conveniently received for her birthday! The previous record was established on January 25, 2010 by 18 students in Australia. On December 15th, Aymen and 18 other female students from across the city of Karachi managed to pack themselves into her car for a full 10 seconds - double the amount of time that the Australians had been able to remain in their car!

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