Guide to Make Tomato and Sweet Corns Soup

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How to make Tomato and Sweetcorn Soup. Step by step easy home made tips for making Tomato and Sweetcorn Soup using tomatoes, corns, cream, ketchup, Parsley & jiggery.

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    It's getting cold and you really want to have some sort of soup that can keep you warm and healthy and tomato soup is one of the most delicious and juicy soups I have ever come across with. It is also considered to be one of the favourite soups of our children for years. Home cooked tomato soups are way rich in taste as compared to tinned soups you find in the markets. You must have tried a variety of tomato soups but the recipe I am going to tell you here is slightly different, we will add some fresh cream and sweet corns twist in the traditional tomato soup. Preparation Time: Approximately 25 minutes Serving size: up to three people Ingredients: - One Kg of ripe tomatoes - One tin of sweet corns - One cup of fresh cream - Four bread slices - Half cup tomato ketchup - One teaspoon of white pepper - One tablespoon of jiggery - Corn flour as required - Parsley as required - Taste as required

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