Guide for Writing a Graphic Design Dissertation

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How to Write an Graphic Design Dissertation, step by step guide for writing a good Graphic Design dissertation proposal, abstract, outline, synopsis, methodology, title, conclusion and appendix.

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    Graphic designing is a creative field which deals with a combination of symbols, images and words to convey a meaningful message. Also called Visual Communication or Communication Design, the research in this field is not just an ordinary research; however the general rules for writing a dissertation are same as any other dissertation. The students who undertake the research in this field are either the students of computer science or belong to the fine arts field. The students of computer science normally undertake the applied research and the students of fine arts go for the basic research. For instance a computer science student will research on some image manipulation software or choose artificial imagery as a research area while a fine arts student will research on the significance of design in communication. Choosing to undertake research in this field may appear to be a tough job but once you get the right guidance, it will become quite easy for you to carry research and write the dissertation on it. So below is a step by step guide of how to write a graphic design dissertation.

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