Guide How To Heal Yourself of Traumatic Stress

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How to heal Yourself of Traumatic Stress; get rid of stress, agitation and anger due to trauma, post traumatic stress disorder symptoms, have peace of mind and control over mood in steps.

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    Trauma affects all of us at some stage in life. The stress that follows from a traumatic event usually stays as 'tension' in the body that is not appreciable at a conscious level. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a condition that describes typical symptoms of nightmares, flashbacks, irritability and avoidance following a traumatic event. Even if a person does not have symptoms of PTSD, a traumatic event can affect a person, sometimes permanently. Various researches put a figure of 1% to 8% of population suffering with PTSD. The treatment of PTSD in psychiatry is with antidepressant medications. But in psychotherapy it can be treated with imagery and desensitization. In this article I am including a technique that I have used successfully over last 20 years to help people with PTSD and traumatic stress.

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