Grandma’s Revenge: A modern kitchen that cooks and serves with comfort!

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Grandma’s Revenge: A modern kitchen that cooks and serves with comfort!

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    In the modern world, one commodity that is an absolute premium is space and with more and more homes and interiors opting for compact, sleek and often multi-functional furniture, why should your kitchen be any different? Grandma’s Revenge seems kind of an odd name to go by, but this daft kitchen is a lot sweater and space conscious than the spiteful name that it carries. The stylish and minimalist kitchen platform doubles up both as cooking station and serving spot with its closets, tables and benches all just sliding in and out of the structure at the push of a button! The touchscreen-enabled kitchen sees various smart options pop out of a seemingly solid wall with just the outlines at the wave of your finger. With a 1.03 meter height table for dining and 0.73 meter seating benches sliding out while you dine and then disappearing, a built-in sink, dishwasher, cooking surface and storage units all folding up neatly, this is an absolute revelation indeed! If you intend to save space too with an ultra-futuristic bend, then this Italian design is a fitting choice.

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