Grand Rapids Shooting: Suspect in Michigan Rampage Commits Suicide.

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Thursday, a gunman opened fire in two homes, killing seven innocent people and then afterwards leading a chase on a high-speed through downtown Grand Rapids and also taking three hostages along. This dramatic incident ended when the gunman shot a fire in his head.

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     Rodrick Shonte Dantzler is suspected of shooting dead seven innocent people including two children and then at the end killing him as well. The incident took place in Michigan state of US on Thursday when a gunman suddenly opens fire upon innocent people living there including two children. The gunman shoots himself after leading a police chase on a high-speed through the city center taking three hostages. All this ended after Rodrick put one shoot in his head. Authorities in Grand Rapids said that the hostages were released unharmed.

    Authorities confirmed that 34 year old Rodrick killed his own daughter and also his former girlfriend along with other people as he has ended this relation a long time ago. The police started to manhunt when they were found four people dead in one home and three other were later discovered from another home across the town.

    According to the police Chief “We believe there were prior relationships with at least one person at each location, so we think there were some difficulties there.”

    Records show that Dantzler was released from the state prison in 2005 after serving time for assault. A spokesman for the prison system said he had not been under state supervision since then.

    At a point during the chase, the suspect crossed a wide grassy median in the highway and drove way down while more than a dozen squad cars pursued him. He crashed his car in a woody area on a highway which has later closed for hours for the traffic. Two other people were being shot by the suspect during the case but their wounds were not life threatening. 

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