Gracia Chianti Extra Classico 1951

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My grandparents picked out an old bottle of Gracia Chianti Extra Classico Vintage 1951 (Greve in Chianti) from their wine collection today and laughed that the previous bottle of this (1948) caused the conception of my mother. Before we open it and laugh at the horrible taste, can you suggest what it might be worth? We are in Australia but it is not important as we intend to open it regardless.

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  1. Harry

    Considering that it is of 1951 so it may not be easy to say what could be the price of this item. One thing for sure that a liquor which and quite obsolete in the market as it is very old, well and truly be very much expensive. Some drinkers do like such old beverages as according to they think that the old liquors such as Gracia Chianti Extra Classico (1951) have a unique taste which is rarely found in beverages nowadays. On the other hand some people who are perhaps used to of the new drinks, they feel that Gracia Chianti Extra has lost its taste in a way that it will be quite thin and tired, browning in color around the edges, and very faded in flavor and aroma. Hence the more drinkers there would be, the more different views they will come up about this drink. Keeping in view all the views of new and old drinkers, there are several concerns for if it is injurious or not. The good thing is that It does not hurt you, but it has lost all of its fruit and liveliness.

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