Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 VSB in 3000GT.

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I have 1994 Mitsubishi 3000GTSL with 128,000 miles on it. Less than a year ago (4/27/07) I purchased the 4 new tires (as described in subject)at Discount Tire who mounted them then I took car to get an alignment that same afternoon. Since I live less than a mile from my work, I have only put 446 miles on these tires and two are completely bald with the white stripes now showing through on those two. The other two tires still look almost brand new. I just discovered this and took it back to Discount Tire where the guy told me it was because of a really bad alignment. They are worn from the outside edge of tire to the inside.
I know very little about cars or tires except how to drive and yes I do have a lead foot, but this seems unbelievable to me and I am not sure who is at fault or how to remedy. Can you give me any suggestions?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    From the question you have stated I can see that there are following reasons that can be the cause of your problem.

    1) The fact that you are driving so little means you are doing much more cornering than straight line driving. Most tire wear occurs on cornering, so naturally you would experience more rapid tire wear than the average person.

    2) The allowable tolerance for alignment as published by vehicle manufacturers are too wide. This means that many vehicles \"in spec\" are going to have tire wear problems, especially those that are operated in an unusual manner - and your situation applies. The alignment has to be within the inner half of the spec. If you alignment shop doesn't know that yet, then find one that does.

    3) Your lead foot isn't helping matters. Above I mentioned above, most tire wear occurs on cornering, but if you are burning rubber, laying patches, doing chirps, etc., then this combination can multiply these wear affects.

    The best solution here to do is :

    1) Drive gently.

    2) Walk to work

    3) Find an alignment shop that will work to get the car within the inner half of the alignment tolerance.

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