Good Dares for three 14 year old girls =]

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Okay, so there are three of us having a sleepover at mine tonight, and we LOVE to play truth or dare, and we used to do realy good ones like tongue-kiss ( we're not bi or les, just a dare =] ) and to walk up to people randomly and kiss them passionatly, but recently, the dares are getting less and less exciting. We are all best friends and im the only one without a boyfriend, but we dont let them know what they do, cause it may wreak there relationship, so im looking for something that would be able to be hidden from there boyfriends =]

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  1. Guest24830695
    um, u girls could strip each other with your teeth or something like that. just an idea. if u dont have a bf text me at 1-815-245-2645. im 14

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