What are the golf instructions for women?

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Hi! I am Kristy. I am newly in golf and want to know about the some golf instruction for women. Can anyone please help me about it?

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  1. Judi

     Let me start by saying enormous job by beginning off on the right base by searching out correct instruction. Too numerous persons get tips from their associates, spouses, or just seeking things out themselves. While the aims are noble on all anecdotes, the outcomes generally end up evolving awful habits.
    Let me set about this in another way if I may and still wish it responses this part of your question. When, we are a scholar seeking to discover certain thing, each of us soaks up and methods the material differently. It is the teacher’s job not only to relay the data, or lesson to the scholar, but in a way the scholar realises and can farther develop. Some persons are visual learners, other ones are kinesthetic, or newly learner. Maybe a blend of all can verify thriving for the student. I have been notified by women, mostly beginners, they favour a feminine teacher, they seem more snug, and less threatened by, and can concern to the info.
    There are very good, trained educators of both sexes. Its best to get with one that talks your language. And don't stop, it takes a while to evolve and replicate good habits. It’s like a construction block--one level at a time.

  2. Guest849648
    It sounds like you have a mental block about learning the golf swing. It's like saying I can only learn math if my teacher is female. It's what's going on in your brain that determines how well you learn the golf swing. For instance, many players on the LPGA Tour have male teachers they work with. There is an excellent program that deals with golf the hemispheres of the brain called Mind Mastery For Golf and it is available at Also, there is an excellent book titled Mastering The Mental Side Of Tournament Golf that can help amateur as well as tournament players.

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