Going up Tire Size.

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Hi, I have 4 Michelin P195/55R15 84V (XGT V4) tires replaced with 4 Michelin Hydro Edge P195/60R15 87T. I noticed that the speed rating changes, and what other kinds of effect will I experience when my tires diameters go up? People say that V rated tire has better performance and provides better grip and brake. However, I compare the XGT V4 Tire to my Hydro Edge Tire on Michelin Website, Hydro Edge scores 10 in both wet/dry traction and 10 in handling while the V4 performance tire only scores 7. Do you have any idea about this? Can someone tell me the real problem? I am really looking forward for an expert help. Thanks in advance.

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    Aaron going to a 60 sidewall is not enough to worry about. The only way you will see or feel the difference in tires. Maybe if you are going 75 or 80 MPH around a curve. Car makers have to supply a tire based on how fast a car can go. So if the car can run over 130 MPH the tire must be able to hold up are they can be held responsible. If we talk about the break grip and traction then yes the big size tires have an edge over that but they will make your car consume more fuel and reduce the speed because of size and weight. But the tires you have chosen for your car are one of the best one in the market. So do not worry about any big problem. Hope this would help

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