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I have vague memories of watching a movie on late night that, involved a whole town receiving messages on their radio from a voice. I do not remember if the voice said it was God or if the people assumed it was God. I did not finish the movie and did not think much about it at the time and now I would love to see it again. Again, it was black and white and it started with one family in particular getting the broadcast and then they found out it was everyone in the town getting it. Maybe the country, I do not remember

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  1. John

    Joe Smith lives in a Los Angeles suburb and works at an aircraft plant. Joe hears a special voice cut through a radio program: This is God. I will be with you for the next few days. It turns out, people all over the world, listening to any radio, heard the same thing. More messages come. Some people react positively, others negatively.

    This film was called THE NEXT VOICE YOU HEAR and was made in 1950. It starred James Whitmore and Nancy Davis (later to become Nancy Reagan). Overall the movie is quite interesting, as I have seen.

    Famous James Whitmore and Nancy Davis starred as Joe and Mary Smith who played a role of a typical American couple. The movie was based on a very interesting story of the same name by George Sumner Albee.

    Glad to be of help. Cheers.

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