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I am looking for someone to give my piano too. It is a Royal Cabinet Grand made by the Krell Piano Company. The s/n is 45019. It is in good shape. All the keys work but one. I need help finding some one to come and get it. We are laying new floors in our house and my wife don"t want to bring it back in.

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  1. Guest28434121
    I am looking for someone to give my piano. It is in ok shape, it has a broken wheel and has not been tuned in years. All the keys work. Will need to be able to pick it up from Pomona, CA.

  2. Guest28417079
    you are needing new floor because the grand piano has ruined floor rather pass problem unto another just pay to have it taken to nearest rubbish tip.
  3. Guest28417046

    Hi I am Rickymar A.Dela Cruz a member of the united methodist church,can you give your piano to our church....



  4. Guest28087670

     Where do you live?  My name is Katrina my phone # is 514 - 619 - 2749  I am desperate I was offered a job and am on disability so I am very low on cash.  Please call me back just to let me know if you are still giving it away or if it is gone so I can continue to look.  Thanks Katrina 

  5. Guest27927286

    i am nine years old i am in a bad need of a piano i am taking piano lessons and we can not afford one so please email me at


  6. btcstore17

    input this URL:

    ( )

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    Believe you will love it.


  7. Guest27875481

    Hope you will forgive the sort notice, I have a upright piano 3 pedel which has to go, good condition, presently in Essex willing to move it with in 25miles anyone need it?

  8. Guest27848185

    Hi! I have a 12 year old daughter who has just started her piano lessons. I am looking for someone generous who is willing to give away an upright piano for my daughter because we cannot afford to buy her even an old one. Please contact me at 832-303-6176. We live in La Porte, Texas, which is close to the southeast side of Houston.

  9. Guest27825696

    Any free digital or grand pianos, PLEASE contact me at 731-487-6040! My church family really needs a good one!! Thank you god bless!

  10. Guest27748539

    I am looking for a free / give away, used piano from someone who no longer needs theirs, for my talented 10 yr old granddaughter. We all live in Maryland.

  11. Guest23616869

    I would gladly give away this Gulbranson Player Piano - I live in the Seattle, WA area.


  12. Mitchel
    You can easily donate your piano through an online source, such as Piano Finders. This organization will put you in contact with individuals and organizations who are seeking pianos.
  13. Guest21586986

    I need a free upright piano badly. Is there anyone giving away? I live in Northwest Chicago area. I will pick it up. Thank you. <a href=""></a>

  14. Guest21530669
    have piano to give away -- preferably to organization that teaches underprivileged children in DC area
  15. Guest21492805
    i need a piano.. please contact me.. secondhand pianos will do.. please.. i'm from philippines.. please contact me..
  16. Guest20609898
    I have a antique upright player piano. Will give it away. needs lots of work. NW Chicago area,.
  17. Guest19701429
    Any Giveaway pianos ..please contact ..i need one...thanks
  18. Guest19466738
    I have a free piano to give away in Chicago. It needs restoration. It is a baby grand/ivory keys/plays but some keys need repair. email
  19. Guest18147479
    I badly need a piano to develop my skill. Please help. T. U.
  20. Guest14467996
    what state is it located in?

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