Give some example investigatory project in biology?

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Give some example investigatory project in biology? i never liked biology and for one reason or another i am stuck with it. would love to get some smart bugs out there who can give me example of investigatory project in biology

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    One investigatory project example that's a complex but very impressive project is spectroanalysis. "Spectroanalysis" is a fancy word for analyzing the spectrum of an object, usually given off when the object is burned. To perform this experiment, you'll need a Bunsen burner or other heat source, some things to burn, and a diffraction grating. You can obtain these supplies from Edmonds Scientific (see the link below). As for the objects to burn, wood, salt, sugar, and various nitrate salts work magnificently. Just make sure you have a few samples of each item. Burn each chemical on a small wood stick individually and observe the color of the flame with and without the diffraction grating, which separates the flame into its component colors or spectrum. Observe that each chemical gives off a different spectrum. This spectrum can be used to identify the chemical very accurately. Each chemical emits a different spectrum when burnt. By recording this spectrum, you can identify a chemical based on how similar its spectrum is to known spectra given off by other chemicals.


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    <p>pls help me find an investigatory project </p> <p>just send in my fb account</p> <p></p> <p>thanks</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

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    pls help me find an investigatory project

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     you really need a laboratory

    example project:

    be thankful this is my project

    the utilization of pepper as an antibacteria

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    pls dumbos do help me witha investigatory project in bio ???????????

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    can you  give us some example of possible title about investigatory project,will you?


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    example of investigatory project
















































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    can anyone suggest me a bio investigayory project .which would not involve lab.bcz sir hve clearly said that he cannot  be with us until our project completionandv he'll be having other classes and would not like to give us the lab key.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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     i need example of investigatory project .. plss .. :( 

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    huy mahirap gumawa ng nilalaman ng website ikaw kya gumawa nakatulong ka poa

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    THAT's ALL :))

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     oi site. bgyan mo ako ng example ng IP ha! ngayun din. ASAP!!!!!!

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    i really need some examples of an IP pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    what is the other examples of a investigatory project?
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    Science Investigatory Projects A science investigatory projects online resources. The rapid evolution of technology shows a rapidly changing world. Inventions have evolved and continue to evolve such that after several years of study, research and experimentation reach great developments. This investigatory project mini website are made to promote science and technology consciousness among the general public. And help high school students find all possible online resources for their research projects in chemistry, physics, biology and other science investigatory projects. Elements of Successful Investigatory Projects # Abstract After finishing the research and experimentation, you are required to write a (maximum) 250-word, one-page abstract. An abstract includes the a) purpose of the experiment, b) procedures used, c) data and d) conclusions. It also includes any possible research applications. The abstract should focus on work done since the last fair. # Research Paper A research paper should be prepared and available along with a project data book, and any necessary forms or relevant written materials. A research paper helps organize data as well as thoughts. A good paper includes the following sections: 1. Title page - title of the project must be brief, simple and catchy 2. Statement of problems/objectives - the nature & scope of the problem should be presented with clarity. Two types of objectives may stated: 1. General Objective - this is related to the problem as given in the early part of the section 2. Specific Objective - this states the purpose of each experiment conducted. 3. Methodology - provides enough details so that a competent worker can repeat the experiments 1. Materials/Equipment - the exact technical specifications, quantities and source of method of preparation for all materials used should be given. Specifically, built equipment used in the study must be described and the description accompanied by a picture 2. Treatment/General Procedure - the manner & sequence by which each experiment or set of observations were done & how measurements were obtained should be described in detail. Avoid using the "recipe style" when stating the step-by-step procedure. Use the narrative form in the past tense. 4. Results and discussion - this may be divided into sub-sections describing each set of experiment or observations. 1. Findings - the data maybe presented in full & discussed descriptively in the test or these maybe summarized in tables, pictures & graphs. The statistical test used to determine the possible significance of the finding should be described. Tables, pictures & graphs should make the presentation of the data more meaningful. 2. Analysis of Data - the interpretation of the findings are discussed & the significant features shown in the tables, figures or graphs are pointed out. 5. Conclusions - the general truth implied or illustrated by the results should be clearly stated. The evidence based on the results should be summarized for each statement. 6. Recommendations - consists of suggestions on future actions such as a new direction of research or further experiments to be performed, practices that might be adapted or discard in order to attain certain goals or objectives. 7. Bibliography - a list of the references used in guiding the research work and writing and paper. # Visual Display You want to attract and inform. Make it easy for interested spectators and judges to assess your study and the results you have obtained. Make the most of your space using clear and concise display. (Source: DOST) Research Projects Example # Science Projects # Chemistry Projects # Physics Projects # Biology Projects # Other Projects Investigatory Projects Title The Mollucicidal Effect of Epa Potentiality of Chicken Eggshells as Neutralizer to Acidic Acid Feasibility of Madre de Cacao Infusion as Food source of fish Durian Peelings as a Substitute Raw Materials for cardboard making Utilazation of Mango peelings into Jelly Talisay Butter and Charcoal Grass Charcoal and Firewood The Extraction of Liquid Fertilizer from Sunflower leaves and the making of candies from Sunflower Rays Induced Spawning of Common Carp (Cyprinus Carpio) using homogenized Cow Pituitary Gland Natural Hair Rinser, Conditioner and Lotion from Mangrove Ash Mixture Copyright © 2007
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    botany investigatory project
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    "paper made from dried leaves" and starch its a very good example of IP because i've tride it and the judges likes it
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    kalamungay juice
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    pls....... help para hindi na ko mabagsak sa biology...........????? ano ang IP ko????^_^
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    investigatory project forming by glucose, raw materials, and end product.
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    help!!!! ano ang mga examples of investigatory project??????plx!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    what is biology?
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    can you help me find an invesuigatory project in science

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