Girls who kicked or punched men testicles?

by Guest20854055  |  9 years, 2 month(s) ago

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Anyone knows or saw any girl who punched or kicked men�s testicles.

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  1. Guest25026270

    I punch and tap my friends all the time, sometimes I get a random guy in the hallway at school.  I like to do it just before the class starts so they are laying in the hallway while everyone walks past them and then they are late for class.   Then they walk in sweating and I know that they hurt bad from it for a long time.  Its fun but I don't hit hard enough to mess them up.   I have never seen or felt of the testicles but I have made contact with a bunch of them.   I really want to feel them and see what they are like, they must be sensitive.   My friend said that it feels real good to a guy when you play with them.

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