Girls have you ever use a urinal?

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All this drama about female using urinal. Well there ar eurinals which female can use. It those which hang out from the wall and they can stand over it and pee. No they have them in many female restroom for girls but they there also for moms who bring in their son. So girls what is your experiences in using urinals.

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     When I was 8 when my family move to a new community which menas that my sister who was 11 when to a middle school and my brother was 10 and me when to a elementary school. Our school were neiborhood school. So all the kids live directlly in your community. So we all were brother and sisters to each other. 

    Whend did I expereince at this new school was there were urinals in the girls restroom. At first, I guest, I walk into the wrong restroom till some of the girls explain to me that we have urinals like boys have in their restroom. I watch other girls using them and understand how to use them. It was those which hang out from the wall. They were low enough for use girls to stand over and pee. 

    It was a great new experience for me and my 11 year old sister had them at her middle school also. 

    You learn how to use the tube by press it aganist your pee hole and pee. It was cool. Many of use girls got very excited about this new experiences. 

    We start to go to the local community pool and they had them in the girls lociker room. They were in the open and anyone one walk by can see you pee. At our pool boys up to 13 were allowed to enter with mother or sister in the girls locker room. Girls could enter with their father or brother to the same age of 13. 

    It was funny at times to see a boy at the urinal and a girl next to him and they both were peeing standing up. Yes, when boys were peeing that girls and women could see him. 

    It was more fun at the community pool than at school. 








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