Get rid of cold without medication

by Guest12614  |  11 years ago

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How can i get rid of cold without medication. I have heard lots of people using herbal medicine, which they suggest is made up of natural ingredients but how can i get rid of cold without taking any medicine - i simply want ways so my body's natural defense mechanism fights off the cold.

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  1. Guest248195
    Putting Vicks on the Soles of feet and covering with thick socks is a sure cure for peristent coughing, sound sleep and inconsistency too. This is a latest research from Canada But, for cure of cold, try boiling an onion in water till onion soft and drink the liquid adding black pepper and salt to taste.Works like wonder

  2. Guest247663
    put vicks and socks on your feet before you go to bed and gargal salt and water
  3. Guest178451
    avoid dairy , have rooibos (red bush) tea with honey and lemon , have garlic , try beg and meat soups, rest and let whatever comes out come out. oh and use vicks and rub it on ur chest before a hot shower
  4. Guest56994
    Kindly try to get into the heart of the question, you cannot get back health if you don't take anything so anything which brings back your health is medicine. but the question was to give you a solution of getting rid of cold without alopethic medicines as they do have side effects so the medication mentioned above is great for health having no side effects and it effects naturally and one thing for sure is true that Natural Medication is much much better than Alopethic Medication. You I think you got my point !
  5. Guest57215
    NOO this is still medication.. DESI medication! iss say bether he hai 1 choti se GOLI kha le gaye :D
  6. zarnigar
    hi, in order to get rid of cold withour medication .. drink a lot of green tea with honey and dried ginger.. you have to boil water with a bit of ginger.. put in some green tea. sift it and then add honey.. it would soothe your throat
  7. Guest55197
    eat garlic and put vics on the bottom of your feet when you goto sleep also drink lots of fluids. poo

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