How can one get paid for putting a baby up for adoption?

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My sister is pregnant and considering adoption. She is in college. She was wondering if in Virginia any agencies have people wanting to adopt that pay the birth mother?

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  1. Guest28322327

     my friend got paid 2300 mnth living expenses and 10000 college and 1500 travel fees and 2000 maternity cloths so they do pay you 





  2. Guest28245665
    well I am pregnant and already have a 2 year old not but three months yet and I love this child... in my case I have no home now and financially suffering every since I left an abuseive relationship.. I have no one and I am on probation.. I owe 1600.00 to them and im off.. thing is I have 10 days untiol 6-65 to have it or with my deferred adjudication mistimionor I get maximum sentence which is a year flat.. nothing in this world means more to me than my children but now I haven't the means to support the child no home ect but I have a two year old little girl who still haves. me loose her over prison and have this new baby in jail cps come take.... id rather die than to have this happen.... the thought alone is unbearable honestly... I don't want to loose my daughter or freedom and im out of this abuseive relationship.... I just want to do the right thing and adoption may be it ...but I have 1600 dollars to pay probation off would be a it dosent feel seem right but my 2 yr old will have her mommy and this child I carry now will be taken care of and loved.. and the lord may bless me with a chance to have this good life me and my other 2 daughters ive yearned for so long... so yes I need to do it this way.. please help with my situation we can help each other one said you had to adopt for thousands... legal court custody signed over would save us both money and I don't see why to strangers can get to know each other and do it that way.. I guess there good reasons..but in my case I just want this baby to have a loving family.. and I have guilt of loosing two children ... is there anyone out there ? sincerely Christian.
  3. Guest27854356

    THIS bs is why women have abortions!!!  To be treated like a criminal because she decided to choose life and different parents for her child. So adoption agencies profit off the wear and tear of her body and her emotions? I'd much rather do an abortion myself.  

  4. Mitchel

    Firstly, you cannot sell your baby, as its illegal in America. However you might come across some people, who may pay for your  medical and living expenses for expectant till the time you are pregnant with their adopted baby.

  5. Guest22374543

    hey im pregnant and im willing to sell my baby to careing family if thry can offord to pay me big bucks that just reasures me that they have money and that baby is in good hands


  6. Guest21084249
    i think it's really messed up that just because lawyers and adoption agencies re-word things on paper they can get paid lots of money but a birth mother who goes through alot of emotional stress gets nothing. I mean it can cost up to 40,000 to adopt a child why is it Illegal for a mother to sell her child but not an agency!!!!
  7. Guest2717
    Thats called Human Trafficking and is AGAINST THE LAW

    And NO there are not any agencies that do that except for the bent ones that deal in the underworld of the wrong element
  8. Guest5737
    I have to agree with the last couple of posts, that is illegal, however the adoptive parents can pay for living expences such as housing, gas, food etc. My husband and I have been looking to adopt for sometime now and everything that we have researched comes back to the fact that "paying" for a child is illegal
  9. Guest5511
    I have never heard of anyone paying to get a baby . Its illegally to buy kids.
  10. Guest8681
    Well yes they do but they make appear legal and reasonable by saying the money is "Expenses" or a "gift"

    Please don't sell your niece to strangers!
  11. Guest4173
    that would be referred to as child trafficking.

    if she's looking for a free ride, she can get one there. jail is pretty cushy these days.
  12. Guest9683
    There are adoptive families who will pay for your medical bills, and provide assistance. But babies can not be "bought"
  13. Guest2822
    You don't pay the birthmother just for "dibs" on a child.


    And to the person who wrote this as an answer:

    "Without its mother's love a child might as well be dead for the life it will have never knowing unconditional love before it is able to naturally separate itself from its mother as it grows up. How would you like to meet someone with absolutely no confidence because he's never known love? Someone with no self-esteem because no one has ever loved him unconditionally?"

    I am an adoptive mom and I LOVE my son U-N-C-O-N-D-I-T-I-O-N-A-L-L-Y and F-O-R-E-V-E-R!!!
  14. Guest7075
    they may pay her expenses,but it's not legal to actually give her a sum of money just for adopting her baby.
  15. Guest2265
    There are lots of families waiting to adopt!!! Here is a GREAT agency in Virginia (not sure where she lives):

    As for getting paid- she can't get paid for her child- and I agree with the posters who seem unsettled by this idea! However, her legal and medical expenses would be taken care of and in some cases, she could have some other living expenses paid for. Virginia law allows adoptive parents to pay living expenses but it is usually if the birth mother has to reduce her work hours b/c of the pregnancy.

    You sister should research agencies and find one that she feels comfortable with. As someone who is hoping to adopt, I am grateful that she is considering this option. Good luck to your family!
  16. Guest4984
    Like everyone else is saying, despite the impression given by the adoption industry, babies shouldn't be commodities and paying a mother to give up her baby is beyond wrong. Can you imagine the issues the child will have knowing that s/he was actually sold by his/her own mother??

    Googly Eyes: I'm sure you do love your son unconditionally & forever, but an adoptive parent's love doesn't necessarily solve every issue an adoptee may have. My adoptive parents are amazing and I know they love me, but, despite the propaganda of the adoption industry, love isn't always enough. Try reading "the primal wound" if you haven't already. The separation from the first mother can cause life-long trauma that no amount of love can help. I think thats what the other poster was saying.
  17. Guest5072
    nope. she has to go through an agency or arrange a private adoption with an attorney. paying a pregnant women for a baby is illegal.
  18. Guest5714
    she should want to make this decision because she wants whats best for her baby, not to make a profit.

    her medical expenses will be covered in full but beyond that is ILLEGAL.

    why would anyone want to make money for giving someone else her baby? no may be helping them but they are helping you too..
  19. Guest4804
    Try EBay or Craig's list. She could make out pretty well once people start bidding.
  20. Guest8330
    FEDERAL LAW states that no cash money can be given to a birth mother placing her child for adoption. the birthing expenses and living expenses will be paid through the agency by the prospective family during the pregnancy and up to $1000 in post natal care for the first month after birth. anything else is trafficking.
  21. Guest5770
    Sometimes they will pay for living and medical expenses, but it is against the law to actually pay for the child.
  22. Guest1217
    well yes u get paid u get money for clothes while u grow into pregnancies u get rent money during and a little after u sometimes get medical expenses paid but if u have insurance normally they dont............. its not like 2,000 if u give me ur child but they will pay for certain things while the process goes on.......... they help u out financially........
  23. Guest8347
    If she wants to sell her baby tell her she's in the wrong country... Why would you want to be paid? Thats sad and pathetic.
  24. Guest8404
    why would she sell her baby? she woulden't got pregnant if she didn'y want any babies. n that's called inresponsible
  25. Guest4597
    The law varies by state, but doesn't allow you to "sell" your baby. The adoptive parents can pay maternity related expenses, which can usually include medical, transportation, food, living expenses... Also the payments do not mean she is obligated to place. Hopefully she would only take the money if she is sincere about placing, but she can't decide (and sign the papers) until after the baby is born. The laws try to protect a birthmom from having to give up her baby because she has already taken money. It is obviously a very tough decision to make.

    Usually it is best for your sister to deal with an agency or lawyer about the expenses, rather than the potential adoptive parents (PAPs) directly, because they will know what is allowed in her state. In the end it is the PAPs who will give her the money, but the agency and lawyers help keep it legal. Also she will have to find PAPs that she likes who are willing to pay the expenses, but most expect to pay at least some expenses.
  26. Guest7287
    I think that is called 'selling the baby' and I think that is illegal. Usually the adoptive parents will help cover expenses, but that is about it
  27. Guest3291
    this sounds really mean.

    Sell her child?
  28. Guest1376
    I know a lot of the time they will pay for your medical and living expenses but I don't know about getting actually paid for giving up your child
  29. Guest9127
    Depending on the state laws, your sister could possibly be paid stipends for housing, medical care, food and clothing during her pregnancy. However, it is heavily monitored, because it is bordering buying a baby.

    You are not allowed to "pay for" or "accept money for" (i.e. buy or sell) a child. It is a felony for both parties.
  30. Guest5824
    In the USA, it is illegal to pay the birth mother, however, her expenses can be paid. For instance, we got our son's bio mom's phone turned back on, we paid for her fuel, we put a roof over her head, and bought her food, prenatal vitamins, etc. We asked her to live with us, so it would make the transition easier for the baby, however, we NEVER gave her cash, because it is illegal. Now that our son is born, we are hoping to meet another woman that if she can't keep the baby, we can help her in a similar way, to help us. We'd probably put her up in another house depending on what she wants to do. We'd love to adopt again!!!!!! Home study ready and attorney in place. I'll get thumbs down for that one, but we so truly want to adopt again!
  31. Guest612
    The first poster is correct. Depending on the state laws, your sister may get some of the birth expenses covered. Personally, I take a dim view of this. Whenever money enters the picture, it muddies the waters. I understand paying for the adoption process, but paying for things outside of that is very questionable, in my opinion. State medicaid is available for women who cannot afford the prenatal/birth expenses.

    But paying someone for a baby is child trafficking, highly illegal and highly unethical. I am assuming that your post refers to birth expenses assistance, at least I HOPE that's the case.

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