Need random facts about geisha girls?

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I want to know the facts and history about Japanese geisha girls, In a book i read geisha are refined and cultured girls having traditional skills. please help!

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    Geisha are professional hostesses who entertain customers by using different performing arts but these are not either ordinary hostesses or prostitutes. They received an extensive training to become geisha and for more improvement they also take many lessons frequently. In the recent time there are geisha who learn computer skills and English conversation in order to serve English-speaking customers. Now days the work of geisha is expanding and they are doing modeling and international tours. It is thought that the women who danced for warriors in the 11th century were the predecessors of recent geisha. Yes, it is true that Geisha girls are trained in many skills, few are: traditional Japanese dance, singing, playing instruments like shamisen, beautiful flower arrangement, wearing kimono, Japanese tea ceremony, calligraphy, conversation, alcohol serving manners, and many other use full skills. However there are two different kinds of geisha. One is called tachikata and these are mainly doing traditional Japanese dance while the other is called jikata and they mainly sing or play different kinds of instruments. The districts of geisha are called hanamachi and many hanamachi were lived near temples and shrines where many ochaya are present. Ochaya are beautiful Japanese-style homes which has small wooden doors, tatami floors, and Japanese-style gardens. They are totally different from those tea houses that only serve tea. These are kind of banquet house and they rents rooms for dinner, birthday parties. However, geisha is considered as one of important aspect of Japanese culture, and their elegant performances keep attracting many people from around the world.

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