Geely Ge: A Fake Chinese Rolls Royce Phantom

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Geely Ge: A Fake Chinese Rolls Royce Phantom

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  1. Red Brick
    When it comes to re-inventing cars, Chinese mechanics always top the list. This time around, we came across a Chinese-made Rolls-Royce Phantom, and it’s called “Geely GE”. This was displayed just a few feet away from the classic brand’s Phantom at the shanghai Motor Show. According to a spokesman from Rolls-Royce, it is said that some of their employees in Shanghai are closing examining the matter. As the company is very particular about its brand image, it doesn’t easily ward off any attempts made by other companies to imitate its products. Nevertheless, Roll-Royce is not hurriedly drawing any conclusions at the moment and, is consulting the matter very seriously with its legal advisers. Interestingly, the original Rolls Royce Phantom costs a whopping £250,000 whilst Geely GE costs £30,000. The huge diversity in the price itself shows the quality of the two vehicles. Although Geely GE may be far behind Rolls Royce Phantom with regard to quality, it appears classy and snazzy nonetheless. In the meanwhile, Chinese car companies are quite notorious when it comes to imitating foreign classics. Four years ago, Shuang-Huan Auto was sued by Honda for creating a look-alike of Honda’s CR-V grass-and-gravel off-roader. I wonder why the Chinese car companies cannot think innovatively on their own!

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