Galaxy S5 features at CES 2014

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It wasn’t long after the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 that consumers already started to talk about the next-generation version, the Galaxy S5. Some of you may think it was too soon to start looking at what we can expect from its predecessor, but undesirable features and lackluster sales means Samsung needs to rethink things.

Revealing Galaxy S5 features at CES 2014

We have already looked at a few ideas at what the Galaxy S5 could bring, as well as possible specs, one of which is more than likely to include a 64-bit processor like the iPhone 5S.

While it is good to surmise what the Samsung Galaxy S5 features could be, it is much better to know with almost certainty, and this could be revealed to us as early as January 2014.

This is because that is when CES 2014 will take place, and if we have learned anything from the past, then some of the technology in the next flagship Galaxy device should make a showing during the event.

There are already rumors suggesting that Samsung could be revealing its 64-bit processor and a new 16-megapixel camera sensor. As for other technology, we hope to see more from Samsung’s curved display, which was seen at CES earlier this year, but production issues meant this technology has had to be delayed.

Let us hope that what we see at CES from Samsung this year will actually make it to one of its flagship smartphones, with the Galaxy S5 being the more obvious choice considering it should be released in April, although an early release of March has also been mentioned.

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