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I am grateful to thank you for the great tips you gave me on getting Gregs autograph. About two weeks before his passing I was thrilled to receive an autographed photo, and it was thanks in part to you. Not that I would ever part with it, but do you have an idea of what it would be worth - is it worth insuring?

Also, I sent a question to Gregory Peck, but did not get a response to that, so I will ask you. Did Gregory Peck ever comment on Elia Kazan, and how strange it was that he could make a movie like Gentlemans Agreement, and then name names at the McCarthy hearings? Seems like the kind of thing Greg would have had a moral dilemma about.


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  1. John


    Thank you so much for writing, it is such a pleasure to read your email, when I have gotten so many since he died on so much more of a negative note. I am just delighted that you got your autograph from Gregory. Monetarily, I am afraid, I would have to say that it is not incredibly valuable (one quick search on eBay will tell you that his autograph is going for $10-$20, maybe a little more if it is on something desirable, like a vintage poster from To Kill a Mockingbird).

    But please do not think that this makes your autograph worth any less to you. The ones on eBay were generally signed because he was pestered into it outside stage doors or, at worst, simply forged (with computers being what they are now, it is simply impossible to detect all the fraud going on). What really matters is that you must have sent a heartfelt letter which touched him enough that he was compelled to respond, no mean feat! Almost everyone who has asked about where to write for his autograph has eventually written me back, disappointed, so, Good for You!

    I believe I would found the answer you are looking for, with regard to Peck and Elia Kazan. As you might have guessed, it looks like Gregory took the Atticus Finch attitude that he had no right to pass judgment on the reactions of another man as he had not walked in his shoes. When Kazan was nominated for the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award in 1989, there was a tremendous uproar from the film industry, which still felt him to be a coward and, basically, a traitor. Kazans Faustian bargain saved his short term career, but ultimately destroyed him in Hollywood circles. Gregory Peck, who sat on the board of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, stated, He has made a great contribution to American film, politics aside, as artist has made a great contribution, he deserves an award.

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