Fun things to do at a sleepover

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Fun things to do at a sleepover

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  1. Guest28429813

     We had a lot of fun wearing diapers and plastic pants and feet pajamas and drinking out of baby bottles and pretending to babies for the night my mother thought it was hilarious and said we poked so cute

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  4. Guest25449307

    You can do blind makeovers it is really fun and soooooooooooooo funny !!!!! And sit on your pillow and slide down the stairs!!!!! Truth or Dare. Also you can put a blind fold on and get some yogourt and try and feed each other its really funny!(but can get messy) Lastly you could have a midnight feast! Have fun!!!!!<3


  5. Guest25002592

    hi people!

    I am having a sleepover tomorrow night and I just wanted to make everyone elses a perfect night.1) Watch Youtube videos.This is always good if you are bored and don't want to play a game. 2)Truth Or Dare.Think up the most silly Ideas!3)Make-Over.Make sure to wash it off before you sleep.(if you do)4) Fasion Show.Make a walk way by puting a long scarf down and teddy bears down the sides.5)You could make a little song or friendship rhyme!Make it catchy so you will sing it everywhere!6)You could always try a Poking War.This is basically where you poke eachother to death.(not to proper death, That would be one horrible sleepover)7)Make a Music Video! Sing your favourite song and (if you dare) Post it on Youtube! 8) Most of all.....HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

  6. Guest25002177

    Hey peeps!I am having a sleepover on saturday and I have a few games me and my buddys have made up since we were little.1)Fake come Dine With Me.(This is where you get different toys,or clay,plastacine,ect and make a 'Starter' 'Main',and 'Pudding' and let the other friend rate out of ten.And you have to let your Friends have a look around your bedroom!)2)Fake Dates.This is where boy OR girl both get together and  Fake Date.First ring them up and ask them where to go.Then arrange and go there.Let your other friends be the Service and then the night leads on...3) prank call people 4) Belly Dance!!5)go on a random chat site and chat to strangers.(not recommened to have cam on!!..and not for Little children) 6) When you first get to the sleepover..make eachother see if they can stay up past a certain time.This is always fun if you want your friends to stay up. Hope This Helped. x*x

  7. Guest24976992

    oh, lets see, sooo many things to do at a sleepover...



    3 Random quizzes (go on quizzlla)

    4: Movies


    Sorry if this didn't help but hope it did! :P :)

  8. Guest24965930

    Lots of these were very rude so i'll try and give you some good advice - btw someone suggested omegle , its a webcam chat full of men rubbing their d*cks and asking you to strip for them ,everyone seems t suggest the same things so i'm trying to think of some different things to do...

    well .. go swimming and maybe go to a local park and start on sme people :) , listen too music, go on just dance,abba,mario kart etc on the wii,watch marley and me , cheaper by the dozen  1 and 2 and here's some snack suggestions:

    Most things have to be specially homemmade and many are not allowed so here are some things that can be shop bought for very cheap: popcorn,cookies,haribo ,coke and for dinner( tea) a pizza or 2 ,breakfast can be simply scrambeld egg on toast or a nice fry up of bacon and eggs,sausage beans etc  i hope i helped enjoy you're sleepover and don't really start on ppl i just joking x

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  11. Guest24012592

    im havin a sleepover with my best friend and cousin tomorrow(drama will soon be revealed) we are all tom boys so we dont do the whole makeover thing. we are from deep in the south and we are doin a redneck slip 'in slide, water balloon fight, then we are going to ride the golf cart with a battery powered radio and blar the music to what any station we please. oh and to Guest23621382 im only 13 and where im from thats a rookie game

  12. Guest23621382

    play StripPoker then suck on echothers b***s and have s*x with s*x in the middle of the room in front of everyone. Try it. it's Really fun!

  13. Guest23567863

    get drunk and sneak out .. ahaha


  14. Guest23290606


  15. Guest23147787

    dance party!

    dare or truth

    scavenger hunt


    computer games

    prank call

    food fight


    write stories




    watch   movies

    play games



  16. Guest23144198

    Make craft, you could make a dream house that you and your best friend will enjoy

    Watch funny movies

    Create a snack with different food types in it

    Make a tie-dye

    Create your own music video

    Get 4 poster papers make them into a square and design it and make your own background for a musc video or webshow

    Hope that helped :)

  17. Guest23124629

    Well me and ma homies chill in da hizzy house , whilst ma bruvvas make me sum culima innit ma blads. Try it some time

  18. Guest22999229

    ahhh all of them are pretty much the same! pillow fights,makeovers,swimming,watch movies!

  19. Guest22976185

    Hey, I am actually having a sleepover tonight for my birthday (it was yesterday but its better to do a sleepover not on a school night so you don't get tired for school) Yeah so it's with Emma Turley, Evie Donald and Leanne Brudenelle. Right now the stuff you abseloutly need to do! They are: Cook funky cupcakes, the eat contest, try not to laugh, do an all nighter, watch youtube stuff, gossip, eat chocolate, pamper session, wild makeovers, hide 'n seek in the dark, dodgy drink concoction game, do the impossible quiz (search on google), knocky-knocky-ado, decorate a T-shirt, play out, pillow fight, rate people, mix 'n match pygamas, fashion show, blind makeover, go swimming, prank calls (ovbs), dress up MADLY, draw, tell jokes, tell ghost stories, watch movies, midnight feast, freeze random stuff, put ice down your top, when ure friends asleep put toothpaste on their face, no recipe mad baking, and way more x*x HAVE FUN!!!

  20. Guest22951777

     when one of your friends are asleep quietly grab your mum's makeup and add an improvement to your friends face. LOL 

  21. ZZ

     Drink 50 glasses of water and it would be an unforgettable night for you. I am not joking do try it....

  22. Sash

     A sleepover, also known as a pajama party or a slumber party, Sleepover and Slumber Parties are always fun and with sleepover ideas and games the slumber party is sure to be a success. They sum up as perfect excuse for girls to catch up on each other and have a blast together! Just dump the clichéd pillow fight sleepovers and indulge in some serious pampering and story swapping over a girl’s night in to have a gala time together.
    a sleepover party can be the perfect bet to enjoy a relaxing, fun time over a weekend or a holiday and you can do all the following to make it more fun:
    Have a pillow fight.
    Dress up in stylish clothes and exotic makeup and take pictures with a homemade background!
    Ask each other deepest, darkest secrets.
    Play twister.
    Give facials and Blind Make Overs
    Make sock puppets, and put on a puppet show.
    Decorate stuff
    Foot massages.
    Manicures and pedicures.
    Make a slip and slide with trash bags and pillow cases.
    Prank people.
    Make up songs together.
    Play board games.

  23. Guest22816017

    OK theres lots...................................... dance like a lunitic stab justin blah`s posters with knife rip it p**p on it then throw it down the toliet then buy pudding shove ur face in it then ur face will be coverd in pudding then keep it on like a facemask then put cukubers on then go to some ones room in the house and scare them to there doom and u can also get perriment marking and draw it on ur bro or sis face then take pic doodle ur worst enemy then rip,stab,murder,kill and p**p pee on it then throw away and have lots of fun!!

  24. Guest22810052

    i totaly agree

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  26. Guest22763937

    Come on, people! Some ideas are ridiculous! Heres some ideas for you! OK, so we'll go from start to finsh!

    1) Get paper, and  plan out what you want to do for the night so no-one is bored! :)

    2) Once done planning, let your hair down, you'll need to do that because you need it for the next step! :)

    3) Do hairstyles on each others hair! If one has hair that is too short or doesn't like having their hair played with, they can be the stylist.

    4) Then do makeup and nails and toes! :)

    5) Then dress up and wear something sparkly and in-your-face! :L

    6) Get a camera and take millions of photos and add them to Bebo or FaceBook!

    7) After washing off make up, taking down hair (optional) put on your PJ's!

    8) Get some snacks and play Chubby Bunny, you don't have to use marshmallows, you know, other candies work too!

    10) Play Truth or Dare, with music on in the backround!

    11) Get ice and apply on each others belly-buttons! Whoever chickens out has to bite an ice cube! *shudders*

    12) Watch a short movie or TV show twice and then try to qoute the lines the second time you've watched it! :)

    13) Watch a movie while chatting.

    14) Get one of those talking, crying and peeing baby dolls and play Teen Mom, fake going to sleep and then waking up because the 'baby' was crying! :L

    15) Go to sleep then wake up at 4:45 and listen to the music channels! You'd be surprised at whats on! :)



  27. Guest22756833


  28. Guest22744022

    1.)Saran wrap people to the couch

    2.)Duct tape fasion show

    3.)put whip cream on your friends face while their sleeping (we did this and my friend woke up crying


    5.)Bon fire

    6.)Wii games

    7.)Truth or Dare (It's not a party without it)


    9.)See who can drink the most water and hold it the longest

    10.)Water balloon fight

    11.)Run down your street screaming at the top of your lungs at three o'clock in the morning

    12.)Draw on friends faces and then take picture and post to facebook, twitter, myspace, ect.

  29. Guest22709679

    1.blind makeovers hide n seek after all the parents have gone to bed
    4.put a bra in the freezer
    6.Go on lava life
    8.answer stuff on wikki
    9.oliver bot
    10.makeovers in the dark
    11.shaynaynay vids.
    12.blind dress-up
    13.Pillow fight in your underwear
    14.s**y piccs

  30. Guest22704532

    You could play dead grandma. Its kinda scary.

    1. Pick 1 person and put cover over them while there laying dowm.

    2. Turn all lights off.

    3. Leave the room.

    4. Pretend like its a funeral and put flowers or anything on the grandma.

    5. The grandma comes alive and whoever she touches first has to be the dead grandma.

    P.S. Super fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Guest22699897

    I am having a sleep over on February 18, 2011. And here is somethings to do:

    • Extreame truth  or dare
    • Have names in a bowl of boys in school. Pick out names and say what you think about them
    • Stay up by dumping water at each others faces
    • whatch movies


  32. Guest22696994

     play board games

    make pizza toppings

    go swimming eat popcorn (obviously)

    midnight feast


    play truth or dare


    draw or make posters

    HAVE FUN:) :) :) :) :) :) 


  33. Guest22666139

    play hide and seek in the dark outside near a park with trees lol its soooooo funny when your friends bump into the tree trunk! lolage!!!!

  34. Guest22647766

     right some of the stuff is rude but me nd my mate tlks and watch final destanation

  35. Guest22576663

    you could play xbox and go shopping and buy a fish and name it flo and parkour and talk to some sweet babes and almost get it in and make a fake xbox acount with your friends number on it so people call him (lol). yo ucan also take your friends ipod and change the passcode so he cant get in hahahahahahah. then, you watch a movie and read about fun things to do at a sleepover

  36. Guest22575304

    pillow fight ,if you have a sister have her do gymnastics with you,if you have a sister have her teach you a dance,i think you would have so much fun but theres more to it

  37. Guest22570011

    PIG out !

    watch funny movies

    scavenger hunt

  38. Guest22537040

     have fun dumbo

  39. Guest22537040

     have fun dumbo

  40. Guest22537040

     have fun dumbo

  41. Guest22527964

    Girls Go Crazy (:

    Prank call cute boys.

    watch movies

    talk bout the best fights at your school !!

    Singgg , dance , record it & post it haha!

    ((: & MORE LET LOOSE..

  42. Guest22507660

    awesome ideas guys

    you could also play a game called consequences (it is awesome) YOU WILL NEED AT LEAST 4 OR 5 PEOPLE TO PLAY   You will need pen and paper

    what you do is you write a girls name then fold it over then pass it on to the person next to you

    then you write a boys name a fold it over and pass it on 

    write a place fold it and pass it on

    write something that he said to her fold it and pass it on 

    write something she said to him(try and make them funny) fold an pass it on

    then finally

    write what happened to them in the end fold it to the end of the paper and pass it on

    then at the same time open it up and read the stories to each other 

    if you run out of space go on to the back  

  43. Guest22501522

    you should read something scary.... then when someone goes to the bathroom, hide. they'll freak out and then jump behind them........... also you can text a boy or girl saying this: YO DIGGY DOG IM IN DA HIZZY HOUSE.........they always freak out :) makeovers, troth or dare, and also you can hide and seek during random times

  44. Guest22484057

    Knock on dorrs and run away

  45. Guest22473232

    Prank call people, play knock knock ginger ( knocking on peoples doors then running away), watch movied, blind makeovers, indoor sports ( cushion as ball) and best of all cotten wll ball game!







  46. Guest22457908

    take pictures.. when you get bored with that have a blind makeover.. (: very fun

  47. Guest22444222

    f**k your selfs?

  48. born_to_be_wild!

     ok well its like bob the apple but with a slight twist....

    get apples, one cork(from a wine bottle) cut in two, and cut another apple into parts, a blindfold is essential! if u want to up the game add ice cubes. put then all in a basin of water and the game begins...

    it is the same as bobthe apple but instead with a scoring system: 5points for the full apple, 10 for a piece of apple and 15 for a piece of the cork...if u added the ice its -3points

    have the new game BOB THE CORK!! 


  49. born_to_be_wild!

     ok well its like bob the apple but with a slight twist....

    get apples, one cork(from a wine bottle) cut in two, and cut another apple into parts, a blindfold is essential! if u want to up the game add ice cubes. put then all in a basin of water and the game begins...

    it is the same as bobthe apple but instead with a scoring system: 5points for the full apple, 10 for a piece of apple and 15 for a piece of the cork...if u added the ice its -3points

    have the new game BOB THE CORK!! 


  50. born_to_be_wild!

     ok well its like bob the apple but with a slight twist....

    get apples, one cork(from a wine bottle) cut in two, and cut another apple into parts, a blindfold is essential! if u want to up the game add ice cubes. put then all in a basin of water and the game begins...

    it is the same as bobthe apple but instead with a scoring system: 5points for the full apple, 10 for a piece of apple and 15 for a piece of the cork...if u added the ice its -3points

    have the new game BOB THE CORK!! 


  51. Guest22395787

     Shag each other, have s*x, you never know you might end up with babies.

    Or get your belly stuffed with pillows and then go to your dad or mom and say me and.......... had s*x.

  52. Guest22351285


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  54. Guest21917938

    Hello, I Like to write lots of names down on peices of paper of people you lot know and put them in a contaianer mix them round and pick one each then read out yours rate them out of 10 and say why, what you like and what you dislike about them <3

    • Manicures & Pedicures
    • Spa sesh (face masks, wash hair, girly films)
    • BFF/Secret Box
    • Films!!!
    • Bake Cakes
    • Play on Games (vs on DS)
    • Talk about Who you both like and stuff
    • Make random vids on you dancing with your friend(s)
    • GO CRAZY!
    • Stay up all night with energy drinks

    Hope you guys have fun <3;) x

  55. Guest21874333

    Well, me & my friend were going to make little cookies, BUT, we decided too make one HUUUUUUGGGGGGEEEEE cookie! (: we are going too frost it && put whip cream on ittt.

    Do it foool. xD




    Emily & Mirandaaaaaaaa. (:

  56. Guest21660857

    get high...

  57. Guest20618731
    there r lots of things to do like .. 1. play chappy (ring the neighbours doorbells) in ur pj's 2. blind makeovers 3. watch tv 4. go on to youtube and type in lee evans parcel force (so funnyyy ) 5. prank calls( say somethn like you hav won a holiday to.. ) 6. or for the boys go on the trampoline if you have one and try not to fall off the end or play popcorn in the dark itsss so fun (if you dnt no wat popcorn is you go into a ball and ur friends bounce and you hav to try and not break ( hope i helped :)
  58. Guest20551251
    1. blinds mans buff 2. writing paper 3. who am i 4. time capsual 5. silly stories 6. colouring 7. doughnut line 8. drawing in the dark 9. face masks 10. memory test 11. ps3 12. cinama 13. modeling 14. park 15 make your own advert for something you own 16. secrets box 17. swimming pool
  59. Guest20323665
    I'm having a sleepover next friday and this is some of the stuff we will be doing: well you can walk the streets in ur pj's, blind dressup, cleb impersanations and guess, out ice down your bras or tops and see who can hold for longest, blind makeovers, taste game where you give someone a type of food and they have to be blindfolded and has to guess what the food is, bobbing for stuff in water such as fruit tooth brushes and lots of other stuff i hope you have fun and hope my ideas are worth it :)xx !! <3 <3
  60. Guest20309414
    paint eachothers face make up words to films and have fun dance be stupid blind makeovers
  61. Guest20309414
    paint eachothers face make up words to films and have fun dance be stupid blind makeovers
  62. Guest19882664
    Hi I am going to a sleep over on sunday and these are some of the things that we are doing 1.)Dance crazy to no music 2.)make up a song 3.)go swimming 4.)go on a trampoline 5.)play ds 6.)play tamagotchi 7.)play ipod 8.)go on facebook and makefun of peoples pics 9.)text people 10.)type in a random # and call them! 11.)Makeovers 12.)blind makeovers 13.)Movies 14.)Order pizza 15.)charades 16.)play hide n seek after all the parents have gone to bed 17.)listen to music 18.)chat 19.)give a tour of you house makeing up weird rooms (exzample:This is the kitchen and this is were we dance.) 20.)20 Questions 21.)play headbands would do more but g2g
  63. Guest19882664
    Hi I am going to a sleep over on sunday and these are some of the things that we are doing 1.)Dance crazy to no music 2.)make up a song 3.)go swimming 4.)go on a trampoline 5.)play ds 6.)play tamagotchi 7.)play ipod 8.)go on facebook and makefun of peoples pics 9.)text people 10.)type in a random # and call them! 11.)Makeovers 12.)blind makeovers 13.)Movies 14.)Order pizza 15.)charades 16.)play hide n seek after all the parents have gone to bed 17.)listen to music 18.)chat 19.)give a tour of you house makeing up weird rooms (exzample:This is the kitchen and this is were we dance.) 20.)20 Questions 21.)play headbands would do more but g2g
  64. Guest19843361
    You can get loads of clothes out and do a fashion catwalk on the streets, go to places and pretend ur american if ur englsih, or english/canadian if ur american it is soo funny!!! make cookies and then have a food fight with the dough, allwways fun and not 2 messy!!! lol and have fun if you feel like your friends getting board go out shopping or 2 the movies and laugh really loudly!
  65. Guest19657467
  66. Guest19362100
    what is dead man in the dark?
  67. Guest19259559
  68. Guest19111398
    Just be crazy girls!!!
  69. Guest19096473
    Go swimming Start a neighborhood water fight Pillow case war (where you both get into a sleeping bag or pillow case and try to knock eachother down) Blind Makeovers (try to make the other person look like a clown) Exploring Spying (we went onto the roof and spied on pple) Play pool Hide n Go seek in the dark Call someone you know but the other person doesan't know and have the person ask random questions: If you had a sumbrero and there was a cat, panda, and dear, on it what color would all three be? What is you favorite button on a remote control? Tape ur legs together and have races Put some kind of small round candy into a spoon until the spoon it ful then have a opstical course while balancing the candy on the spoon Poster fun: Put lipstik on and get blind folded and try to kiss the closes to the guy on the poster on the lips Ride your bikesdown to local parks or schools Scavengar Hunts Yo Mama Jokes or jokes: Ur mama is so stupid she thought fruit puch was a g*y boxer. Ur mama is sooo fat when she went to kentucky fried chicked and they asked her what sized bucket she wanted she said the one on the roof Jokes: The son sed: Father what is the difference between confident and confidential? Dad: U r my son that I am confident, ur friend timmy, that is confidential
  70. stacey
    When i have sleepovers, we play this game called "SLEPPINBAG WARS" its were to people get in a sleepingbag and try to nock the other preson in the sleepingbag down, its alot of fun so give it a try..... i hope this helps....:) :) :)
  71. Guest18733501
    ok:) now there are alot of things to do at a sleepover and also some things you do all the time at a sleepover he is stuff you can spunk it up with <3 ~ frezze your bras ~ order pizza and dress up as a freak and scare the pizza man ~ take a long walk ~ sit on the roof (and if people give you weird looks scream at them and say " we are waiting to board the mother ship!" ~ make a outfit out of tin foil ~ ride a golf cart around town ~ go to an icecream station ~ sit on the floor in the isles at walmart and see how long it takes for someone to tell you to move :) ~ sleep out side and watch for shooting stars ~ ding dong ditch your neighbors hope mine helps you ooutt :)
  72. Guest18728770
    hi f**t and have a match by your a**e and you should end up with a fire on your friends head have fun :L
  73. Guest18709728
    Finger paint with your poo,make a pregnancy pact(first 1 to deliver gets the name Edward/Bella), break each others legs, find your local child molesters on line and prank them, dip your fingers in hot wax then light them on fire, steal your parents credit card and buy a bunch of stupid stuff on line, eat raw chicken, crush beer cans on your head(first 1 to pass out gets a prize), leave scid marks on the toilet seat, gang up on 1 girl and beat her with a bag of nickles, tell every one they can only communicate by notes then make fun of the bad speller. You know wacky, zany stuff. Have fun!
  74. Guest18661638
    well! 1.Charades 2.pillow fight 3.makeover hair 6.scary stories 7.truth or dare dsi 9.put whip cream on each other when a sleep board games 11.spin the bottle 12.Ameica Idol 13.Daceing contest
  75. Guest18271567
    Play truth or dare Have a water balloon fight Musical statues Hide and seek Make a music video and put on youtube
  76. Guest18241340
    here's what i do: we listen to justin bieber songs .play murderer . play kin gin the kitchen play kitchen tester
  77. Guest18217941
    I'm having a sleepover with my best friend so this is what we sometimes do: 1. go swimming at a local pool or your own. 2. Prank call ( Friends only! or you'll probably get in trouble!) 3. Make random reicipes and make your friend try it and see who's is the best 4. If its summer or spring you could spray eachother with the waterhose 5. Play on something such as: Computer Ds Dsi Gameboy Psp Ipod Or Ipodtouch 6. Make youtube videos ( You dont have to) 7. Play Dead Man in the dark. 8. Play Truth or Dare. 9. Watch a favorite movie or tv show 10. Hide and seek 11. Last but not least Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  78. Guest18094751
    look up "fun things to do at a sleepover" on google and make fun of them
  79. Guest18055258
    eat you friends pants baby
  80. Guest17962714
    well i am having a sleepover tomorrow and i think we are going to: blindfolded makeovers Truth or Dare tell deep dark secrates Do each others hair Pj catwalk. Its gunna b a great sleeepover!!! :)
  81. Guest17719879
    Some things are to dare your friends to eat a goldfish play zombies people go on the trampolion and one person has to scare you RARRRR have a fire horror movies music video make a dance jerk p**p ur pants me+you=FUNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥<333333 ONE+ONE=ONE IN A BUNNN
  82. Guest17599071
    I am having a sleepover on monday and I came on here for some ideas and mine are: Dares Paint nails Hot Chocolate Pillow Fight Make bookmarks Tell Ghost stories Movies Play would u rather and talk about boys oxoxox ;) HOPE THEAES WERE HELPFULL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  83. Guest17257351
    1.make wacky videos sweets horror movies 4.truth or dare 5.blind folded makeovers 6.prank calls 7.make up a dance 8.shove ice down top and see who can keep it there longest 9.go outside at 1am and hold water in your mouth and try make eachother laugh 10.make a music video 11.go on trampoline at midnight 12.tell funny stories 13.tell scary stories 14.order pizza then dress up all weird and as different things and scare the pizza dude youtube videos iv done all these and they deffinately kept me busy
  84. Guest17197144
    I usually do... pranks truth or dare or 1 of my faves tin foil fashion show, make your own clothes with tin foil
  85. Guest17134134
    you can do loads of things in a sleepover like prank calls,pillow fights,play games and lods more...
  86. Guest17043651
    well here are some ideas pj contest pillow fight watch fun movies talent show wackey fashion show pedicures do each others hair blind folded mackovers share secrets truth or dare
  87. Guest17026483
  88. Guest16812405
    Take an ice cube and put it in your shirts while running around the neighborhood BITCHEZZ
  89. Guest16740240
    well i usually just play truth dare or fire and charades and stay up all night (try)lolzzz hope u have fun at the sleepover hahahahahahahha yayayyayaya
  90. Guest16676143
    eat sweets have a pillow fight tell ghost stories play pranks truth or dare watch comedy movies prank calls
  91. Guest16501118
    Well you could lestin to music or prank call people or talk about boys lol
  92. Guest16041716
    you could set an alarm for every hour you do the chicken dance!!!!! Or you could play light as a feather stiff as a board!!!!!!
  93. alyssa
    Here is some snazzy ideas!!!!!! let your inner soul free express your feelings peer mediate with others sing along to church music pray to the lord makeout with your doggie talk about NOT DOING DRUGS watch some educational movies wash your elderlys car sew build a treehouse go on a date sleepover the other friends house farting contest.... then go to bed..... see you innn the morning bitchezzz<3
  94. Guest15523409
    you can ding dong ditch
  95. Guest15449704
    Wooo! Sleepovers are so cool and there are soo many really awesome things you could do, lets see maybe you could do... the taste game (this is where one person is blindfolded and the others give them something to eat, e.g. a piece of cheese, the other person has to guess what it is, if the get it wrong you minus a point if they get it right you give them a point and its your turn, the person with the most points when your done wins something like a bar of chocolate or one of their favourite foods!) Charades never fails!! Make a crazy dance video to your favourite song and then post it on youtube or facebook, wherever works for you! Make funny quizzes for each other to answer! Dvd Face masks are funny because you have to try not to smile! Make your own britons got talent based thing e.g. friends got talent, or friend factor! And of course truth or dare (also known as spin the bottle) Prank call someone you despise, or someone you really have a crush on, Hope this helps and I hope you have fun!! x
  96. Guest15435120
    lol i always do the last thing on the last post lol ahhahahhaha have a fun night!
  97. Guest15173941
    If Your Girly You Can Do Things Suchh As ....... 1.Paint Eachothers Nails,Makeup,PhotoShoot,Dressup,Watch Really Girly Films Such As s*x And The City Things Like That If You Want 2 Go A Bit Ova The Top Put Loads Of Banners,Balloons up! (But Only If Your Having A Bday Party!)And Ask Tha Girls 2 bring They're Pjs And Do eachothers Makeup blind folded!! If Your Not That Girly You Can Do Things Like .... 1.Order Pizza or chinese Nice Food Lke That! 2.Blast Music But No Old s**t Only The 1s In Thaa Chart 3.Play Truth Or Dare Or Would You Rather 4.DANCING !!! 5.Watch Films Horrors,Comedys (No Sad Films Thats 2 Girly) Must Have PopCorn Candy Floss,IceCream 4 Thaa Movie 6.All Nighter!!! 7.If You Have Got A karaoke Machine Or The Game Sing It Or Lips Sumin Lke That Use That Its Loaddss Of Funn Singing 8.Got 2 Prank Call All The Popular Cute Boyyss And The Girlss You Hate ! 9.Just Have Funn !!
  98. Guest15092715
    well you can watch movies mokeovers wii swim have fun at ur sleepover
  99. Guest15078144
    fkrgbgnfrhbhgbh nitjkgfmhthjherjhgbjwsbnfjtngbosengb ndlkrfgbgbnrthbnhgbkgfjgmnbsgnrkgnsgnakgnsgkksrjgnkjrgkgkrgnkrjttrjnbtuutuuynfddnegjrggjthsnhdnufthhahahahahhahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhshahhahahahhahwuyagdwubfjkksthgbddhrgakhsfhsgjohuhkfhfhfgreityurfhuy7ufu7ergvyhffmjvjufmfhhbhfhu4eryuirygiuggyehthureyhutreugtwrhghgg tygiurhtgiurtghtsgtuyhuruthuewtwuithuwrutwhuru fuhrefrehrwietuiihehyieuyiu8uruiwruhuhriuyuhuh rjkreirjnrtrjghrhfhjfqhrfhuthutyhwsrtuhekyhtui tjtgietirejrjngiwirthitrhyutherhthwhutgurytyuyt htjherhutthythguwhfutuurwuhhtottiretyiuhtriuyhtrutrurthutuuutu56huutryuiftiuhygoiut8885i68i54875uyrureijktgyhnmhkhyihjtgjttjrotrj6irotoitrtiti4eirtrtyitiiyjioytioytioepyii[jet[e[jityo[eoyiiyeoiyjieioiyte
  100. Guest15072286
    Go on lava life :)
  101. Guest15018982
    make up your own recipes and make your friends try the recipes if have a trampoline, go out in pitch black and try to find each other while jumping and trying not to fall off the edge(if you dont have a net) HOPE YOU ENJOY OUR IDEAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  102. Guest14682994
    i personally like to do facials!!! try a corn meal and water it is a good paste for your face!!!! Watch a movie like twilight or push or something. Do blindfolded makeovers!! they are so fun!!! Cook!!!! This is a fun game get m&ms and put them in a bowl then make like blue no and stuff like that and do that with every color and close your eyes and ask a question and pick a m&m and see what you get also u can do this with skittles!!! Hope this helped!!
  103. Guest14601080
    You can lay all of your clothes on the floor, close your eyes, pick a shirt and bottoms, put them on, then walk out of your dressing area and pretend to be a model and model you sweet outfit to your friend or friends :)
  104. Guest14328514
    do fun crafts do blind makovers man hunt truth or dare talk about boys you like, love,and hate blast music annoy parents stay up all night{try}
  105. Guest14328514
    do fun crafts do blind makovers man hunt truth or dare talk about boys you like, love,and hate blawst music annoy parents stay up all night{try}
  106. Guest13426876
    i think theses are the fun things at a sleepover!!! watch movies talk about boys makeovers play children games eat lots of sweets stay up late take pictures tell secrets gossip play truth or dare make jokes prank calls do hair have pillow fights have fun make cakes and decorate them talk sing pretend you are on X factor go swimming do drawings of each other ( silly ) tell scary stories make mess blind dress up cat walk blind makeovers and last but not lest stay up late hope these helped, hope you enjoy your night
  107. Guest13152091
    Do a comedian contest!!!
  108. Guest13054807
    DO AN ALL NIGHTER! play karoake Dance Battle Rap battle PHotoshoot Tell scarie stories Blindfolded makeovers Truth or Dare/ Deepest Darkest Secrets Prank Call Watch DVD's / Tv seris Talk about boys/ Gossip ( if guy talk about girls) COFFEE AND COCOA! AND POPCORN! HAve a puppetshow if desperate play charades urban celebrity impersonations make a dance routine blindfolded pictures p**p ON EACHOTHER! rofl jk jk jk! gotcha! have fun ;D
  109. Guest12664637
    take a shower with your fiends in your p,j's
  110. Guest12222325
    You can: Watch movies Do silly makeovers Make a funny video Play fun games Prank call ppl Play murder in the dark Kareoke Scavenger Hunt Truth or Dare Would u rather I hope this helped!
  111. Guest12055973
    dress up play board games watch scary movies dnt sleep at all do each others nails answer stuff on wikki (funny stuf) talk bout boys play on the wii make a tent wid a soafa bed and then hid in it and mess about eat lots of junk read mags go on facebook go on habbo hotel thats all i got cause i kinda got the same question lots of luv gaby efron p.s- hope any of this was help full
  112. Guest11806583
    Do make overs and facials ,muscial chairs $hit mmm,go out to eat,do hair,Food fights mmm,fashion show in pjs and dancing contest,singing contest,more suff vollyball,hide in go seek in the dark,speed ball+quite ball=funball,cloroing contest,tie die old t-shrits,drawn on them also,mmm i only like 10 so yea,go for a walk egg somebody house go blowing skateing,who can old they breath for the longest ,apple bobing,who can stay under water the longest
  113. Guest11321349
  114. Guest11187219
    Ok, i'm just about to go to a sleepover so here you go :) Watch Movies Do Blind foled makeovers (so much fun) Talk about boys (if your old enough) Take silly photos Make up a dance routine Film a silly video for youtube Do massages Play on the Wii Eat sweets Play childish games Go on the internet, Facebook,Myspace bebo. If your american look through your year book. Doodle on a page with silly drawings. Tell horror stories. Prank call people. Hope this helped, enjoy your night :) **x*x**
  115. Guest11152462
    Wow there are lots u can do pillow fight movies play D.S ( Pictochat, V.S ) Listen to Ipod makeovers in the dark :) when a person is asleep put Whip cream in their hands prank calls play a game ( Apples to Apples, Quiji ) scary stories eat food so you stay up all night watch movies untill u fall asleep talk
  116. Guest11142862
    take TONS of pics for facebook!!! make videos of you guys doing random things and then post them on fabebook! sneak out at night and do random things outside MAKEOVERS!!!hair, makeup, nails, the works make a video of u imitating celebrities by dressing up as them and acting like them DANCE DANCE DANCE!!!!!!! watch movies truth or dare freeze your bras for 2 hours and then put them on prank call go to and make an account make an outfit out of tin foil or toilet paper have a silly string fight have a pillow fight EAT EAT EAT give each other exotic makeovers give each other temporary tattoos call your crush pretend to get drunk or high (or dont pretend) buy face masks that harden and see who can keep them on the longest take the big red challenge!(if u dont know what it is google it) run around the house in your underwear :P (at night) lay outside on the grass and look at the stars YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE SO HAVE FUN FUN FUN!!!!!!!
  117. Guest11090905
    eat combos, hope i helped, oh and red says play charades
  118. Guest11088626
    1. EXTREME TRUTH OR DARE! one time my friend had to stick her finger in the toliet after she peeed or else we would csll her crush and tell him she liked him~ 2. Pick an old barbie. Try doing things to her untill she breaks! 3. have a banana fight! smash up a bunch of bananas, put blind folds on each other and through smashed bananas! (do this outside or else u'll get in hugggeeee trouble! 3. do exotic makeup 4. pretend to be a fake artist and make up songs and do music vids! TAKE PICS AND HAVE A BLASSSSSSST!
  119. Guest11043187
    im having a pampering sleepover and we are doing face cleansing and facials then hair and makeup then manicures and pedicures annd then fake photo shoots and catwalk shows and finally then watching a chickflick comedy film . It will be so much fun. You should always have a theme to every sleepover !
  120. Guest10969942
    your all idiots!
  121. Guest10951366
    hi people i am at a sleepover and your advice does not help the slightest bit. so try to come up with some better ones... MUCH APPRECIATED!
  122. Guest10945427
    omg so much to say so ..... tell who ur crushe is on ......
  123. Guest10915507
    one good thing to do at a sleep over is go on google and/or yahoo & Look up what to do at sleepovers DUH
  124. Guest10893033
    Have Fun :) x
  125. Guest10853248
    when i have a sleepover, me and my friends do the randomest, funniest things LIKE: 1) have a baking contest (NO RECIPIES ALLOWED... and then you have to try eachothers food and see who's is best... the coolest bit is when you sneek in some ketchup when they arent looking!) 2) play the yoghurt game (i do this at my partys.. it is SSOOO HILARIOUS! you both have a pot of yoghurt and a spoon and are blindfolded. you have to feed the other person the yoghurt whilst being fed yourself, but most of the time, you miss and you get yoghurt on your ears and in your hair... This pretty much ALWAYS turns into a yoghurt FIGHT, so you shoud do it outside where there is a pool at the ready!) 3) blind makeovers (1 person is blindfolded and they have to do the other persons makeup as BEST as they can... SSOOOfunny to do... i once got nose and right cheek covered in mascara, and eyeliner on my forehead, and lipstick on my chin!) 4) blind dress-up (1 person is blindfolded and they have to be dressed up completely by the other person... and we are talking another bra, pants, socks, hats, accesories, and maybe even fat auntie Edna's wedding dress, or your pirate costume from the production in year 3!!) 5) Splatter-paint (get a big peice of white card or a board of some-sort and nail/pin it to a tree/verticle surface. Fill up LOADS of balloons with watered-down paint and drawing-pin them to the card/board randomly. then get a really long stick and sharpen it/dact-tape something sharp to it (a knife, for example). Then take it in turns to pop a balloon and get paint spattered everywhere! i did this with my best friend and i have the picture framed + up in my dining room! WARNING: dont use black paint, choose all the warm colours OR cold colours... mixing makes it look weird. Also, be carefull to cover the grass/floor... i now have an orange tree... no jokes!) 6) give the dog a bath/shower with your mums most expensive shampoo + conditioner! 7) take photos (have a photo competition, take photos of them sleeping, photograph someones face when you prank them, take photos jumping into the pool, on the trampoline, whilst eating, posing, put it on a 3 second timer without deciding what you are gonna pose like and rush to get in a funny position (bite them, jump just as it takes, be a nerd)....) 8) make a facebook acount of a hot guy/girl (google 'hot guy' for profile pic) and chat up your worst enemy/a nerd 9) go on a mission (like take a photo of your parents kissing or video you sneeking into the kitchen for cookies + then going back upstairs whilst your brothers/parents are watching TV... THEY CANT C U OR YOU DIE! or be all mission impossible and do something without anyone noticing) 10) Play catch on a trampoline 11) get the hose out 12) play the taste game (one person is blindfolded and they sit on a chair with a 'sick bowl'. the other person/people feed the 1 tablespoon of something (good ideas are cocoa powder, tabasco sauce, dog food, lemon juice, pickled things etc) and they have to guess what it is. if they are right, they get to join the feeders and someone else is put in the chair, if they are wrong, they have another go. Try doing rounds... Round 1 can be be sour (lemon juice), round 2 can be strange (olive oil), and round 3 can be mixed (like chocolate milk and pepper... they have to guess both)) 13) each choose a hidious picture of the other person (from facebook...), chop it up into 10/ 15 peices. give the other person the photo peices of their picture and try to put it together again... the first one done wins! ENJOY!!!!!!! I HAVE A SLEEPOVER TONIGHT SO ILL BE DOING THESE AGAIN! WOO!! DONT FORGET TO TAKE PICTURES AS PROOF!!! x*x
  126. Guest10404541
    you could always buy some tee-shirts and the paint in the little bottles and make an awesome tee.
  127. Guest1884
    Pillow fight in your underwear..
  128. Guest6332
    go tping, prank calls, talk, stay up all night and play games.
  129. Guest1742
    doing a makeover is always fun. &amp; you know all the fun girl stuff - facials and painting nails. oh ya and dont 4get the prank calls!!! lol
  130. Guest717
    I had a sleepover party once and we talked all night, and prank called cute boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  131. Guest2705
    OMG are u serious????????????

    welll first, you could

    watch movies,

    eat junk food,

    do makeovers,

    do hair

    have pillow fightes

    tell scary stories

    go swimming

    go in a jacuzzi

    call cute guys

    have a fashion show

    play truth or dare


    tell secrets

    take millions of pictures


    tell who ur crushes are

    make cookies and eat the doe

    and sooooooooooo many more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. Guest5110
    go out and get bladdered
  133. Guest2353
    Lets see, there is such a list!


    some sort of battle or fight (popcorn or pillow, etc.)





    make everyone laugh at your really weird stuff.

    WAIT! I got one! wait for it... wait for it...


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