Fuel oil ratio for 1989 Honda CR125RJ?

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I have been my question regarding my favorite Honda bikes. I have been using Honda since when I was not old enough to ride a bike. I have always admired the sound created by Honda CR125 engine as well as the pick it has. Somehow, I feel that either it consumes more fuel or perhaps more oil. For this reason, I want to know that what is the fuel oil ratio of 1989 Honda CR125.

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  1. Harry

     The Honda bikes are famous almost all over the world and are used by mostly students or the people with considerably low income level. The best bike selling bikes in the Honda brand are either the CD-70s or the CG-125s. The CD-70 is considered to be very much economical as it goes 70 to 80 kilometers in just 1 liter of petrol. On the other hand, people who like racing and want to enjoy the motor biking as a sport, they always go for the Honda CG-125. Now as far as the fuel ratio is concerned, this would depend on what type of oil is being used for the premix. The oil base stock is either petroleum, semi-synthetic or synthetic oil and is mixed with gas at a ratio ranging from 16:1 (petroleum) to as high as 100:1 (synthetic).For the 2 stroke it is a 2001 Kawasaki KDX200 , Yamalube 2R at 36:1 with no problems. Although synthetics they can be mixed at 100:1 but it is sensible not to exceed more than 25:1.

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