Effect of Front tire weight on the suspension.

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Does the difference in tire weight of right front and left front tires can effect the front suspension system like pulling toward the lighter tire or vice versa?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    There is definitely a difference in the tyre weight that results in the imbalance of the car but these problems can be solved by the alignment of the car. But in my opinion the problem that you are stating is due to the weight issue and it does have a great effect like for instance if there is more weight on the tyre of the vehicle on one side then it will result in pulling the vehicle to that side, similarly if there is weight of the tyre on the other side then it will result in pulling the vehicle to the other side. This will cause steering imbalance as well as handling problems as well. In order to solve this problem the best possible solution is to go for the wheel balancing.
    Wheel balancing is a method to solve the problems of the weight of the car which is related with the wheels. There are many cases where there is more weight on one wheel of the car and to balance the wheel there is a method of wheel balancing which is required for all the wheels to be balanced. So whenever you replace a wheel or you buy a new wheel, it is advisable that first you get it balanced from the proper technician before installing it in the car.

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