Fridgidaire Dehumidifier from Lowes model FDL50S1 and I am getting an F2 code.

by Doug  |  10 years, 2 month(s) ago

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The manual says it is a sensor error. Can someone tell me what it would be, which sensor? How to fix? I unplugged it for a while and plugged back in but still same. It will not turn off or any of the buttons will do anything, just shows the F2 in the display.

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  1. Guest23338904

    This write up is great!! I took the unit apart on my own (I found this posting after I fought with this monster) and I was able to locate the circut board. I would have been lost if it wasn't for the very accurate write up. I just disconnected all the sensor plugs on the board, cleaned them out with air (like you clean a computer keyboard) and re-connected all of them. My dehumidifier turned right on. It is working good as new. Thanks so very much for taking the time and sharing your experience fixing this machine. You saved me like $250!!!

  2. Guest22362261

    Where did you find the parts for this?


  3. Guest20408309
    I have the humidifier completely taken apart. I found the tube sensoe on the circuit board located on the top but not on the circuit board in the lower left box. The diagram doesn't seem to match the circuit board. I disconnected and cleaned the one on the top circuit board even followed the wire to the actual rod and cleaned it also. Still no luck.
  4. Guest17906033
    Okay. I just fixed the F2 problem and this might take a bit to explain. F2 means there's an error with the tube temperature sensor. If you look at the wiring diagram (BTW: there's a wiring diagram inside on the back. More on that later.) you'll see the tube sensor represented. There are three places where there are electronics on the FDL50S1: two small plastic boxes containing circuit boards on the inside lower left as you're looking in the back and under the top plate where all the buttons are. The connection to the tube sensor is under the top plate. But wait. It's HARD to get the 50S1 open. Here's how I did it. The sides have to come off before the back, even though the back is screwed onto the sides. The top has to come off anyway so you take off all the screws. As I recall, there are six in the back, 3 on each side and 4 on the top. Two of the three on the sides are obvious. But #3 for each is on the inside of the bucket chamber. So you have to remove the bucket. The 4 on top are obvious. One of the sides has 2 LEDs to show power and bucket. So when you pull that side off, be gentle and disconnect the LEDs. The sides have a keyed flange holding them to the front. So you have to lift and pull them out once they've been unscrewed. The order they come off is: sides, back, top. The top has the electronics IN it so it's connected to the rest of the unit with the wires as well as the screws. So you need to make sure you're gentle here, too. Once you have the top off, you can see the printed circuit board where the electronics are. It's held on by 6 or 8 screws and comes off easily one they are removed. Once you turn it over, the connector for the tube temp sensor is clearly marked. At least it was on mine. Now here's the kicker. It turns out the connectors are cheap. All I had to do to fix this was pull it out and reseat it. That was it and it worked fine. GOOD LUCK!

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