Name of French films based on Marcel Pagnols work.

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There were 3 films based I believe on Marcel Pagnols works. Caesar, f***y, and I cannot remember maybe it was Marius. Raimu, perhaps the most famous French actor in the forties, was the prominent in all three films. Is there anywhere that I can get a copy of these films?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Julius Caesar is a movie which was released in the year 1953, it is an MGM film, it was adopted by the play by Shakespeare, it is directed by Joseph L.Mankiewicz . He also wrote the uncredited screenplay, it was produced by John Houseman. The music of the play was provided by Miklos Rozsa. The cast of the movie included Marlon Brando, Mark Antony, James Mason performed as Brutus, John Gielgud played the role of Cassius, Louis Calhern played the role Julius Caesar. Edmand O Brien played the role of Casca. Greer Garson played the role of Calpurnia and Deborah Kerr played the role of Portia.
    f***y is an American drama film. It was released in the year 1961 and was directed by Joshua logan. The screenplay was performed by Julius J. Epstein and it is based on the book in the year 1954 and it is written by Logan also.
    On the other hand Marius was released in the year 1931, it is a French theatre whose script is written by Marcel Pagnol, later on it was converted into movie of the same name. The film was also a part of trilogy which includes the film Cesar and f***y.

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