France the 1st country in Eu to ban Islamic Women Veils will thi impose negative impact on muslims?

by shahzeb  |  8 years, 12 month(s) ago

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Two women have been detained in France while wearing Islamic veils across their faces. Anyone caught breaking the law will be liable to a fine of 150 euros (£133; $217) and a citizenship course Acc to France Law. I dont find any reason for putting any ban in other religion because this will result in severe response from muslim countries against France. In my opinion every religion should have freedom to Express n Follow there religion. Islam allows every non muslim to follow there religious activities and celebrations inside muslim state so why you trying to stop Muslims to follow there religion.

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  1. ZZ

     Islam is the ultimate religion and these who oppose tings like these on Muslim force-ably know that they are on the wrong side. For the same very reason they had already changed their books which are given to their respect Prophet's by Allah the Almighty. 

    They know it very well that it will be Islam which will be the ending religion. But they are trying to run away from the truth, Now here they also know the way Muslims are currently them self are not the Muslims which are going to the the ultimate leaders and lead the entire UmMah. 
    Muslims have also deviated quite a lot from the actual path that is why they are in this condition that Countries like France are imposing such Law full acts in which if one like to move around naked then he/ she is allowed to but if some one wants to cover the body with cloths then not allowed. 
    Is this what freedom which the west talks about. They them selves are not yet free from the grip of the mind that is why cannot find the real path. 
    These strategies to weaken the powers of Islam are being originated from the Jews Zionist groups. Now now the front they are saying that they are not the part of Zionism. But it all stream out from Jews who never want Muslims to be in this world. Reason they very well know about the fact that when there will an end to the world then Muslims will be the one who are going to dominate.  
    Well all what Muslims need now is to stick with the thread and follow the right path. Destiny is always there waiting they need to move ahead.


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