Facing difficulty in Fouette turns due to a stiff neck

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I want to gain perfection in my fouette turns; therefore I am taking expert advice from different internet ballet dancing sites, in order to improve my Foutte turns. Throughout my online search, I have found that spotting is regarded important almost everywhere. Unluckily, I am suffering from a scoliosis due to which the bones in my neck ache, when I do the Foutte turn. As, a result my neck movement is not that impressive; my spotting is not that elegant. But I am really good at doing the pirouettes as I can adapt to the strong center of gravity. I can do pirouette with great ease, without doing any spotting, but still the fouettes are a big challenge for me. Whenever, I try to do Fouette, I am left either swinging my leg clumsily. Please, help me know of ways through which I can improve my fouettes, but I would like you not to emphasize on spotting.

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  1. Mitchel

     From your description, I get this idea, that your spotting is good and you don’t have any issue with spotting.

    If you wish to do 32 releves at the barre, and want to do the fouette movement, without turning, or losing your postural line, in this case you need to have a pretty strong abdominals, back muscles, turnout, thighs, calves, ankles, and sole of foot muscles. Though turning is not an issue for you, these exercises will give you an advantage and polish your spin. The reason for tense neck muscles means that you need more physical strength. The root cause of your stiff neck muscles lies somewhere, below your neck. I would advise you to do press ups and down in retire in slow motion, making sure that your postural line is maintained, your ankle and calf should fully be relaxed at the bottom of each demi plie, in addition to this, your neck and shoulder muscles should be completely relaxed. Here, you will notice your postural deviance.

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