Foreign exchange service at Perth airport

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Anyone have idea about foreign exchange service at Perth airport? Someone please tell me about this.

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  1. Airlines Expert
    Travelex are the specialists in foreign exchange and have over 40 currencies available. Travelex also offers a wide range of products including phone cards and Cash Passport cards. Throughout the Perth airport, you're also able to access your foreign currency via Travelex ATMs: Seven multi-currency ATMs available across Perth Airport, open 24 hours a day ATMs dispense foreign or local banknotes in up to four currencies (per machine) US Dollars, British Pounds, Australian, New Zealand and Singapore Dollars available Simply choose your currency, either pay with your credit or debit card and you're on your way Travelex outlets are open to service every flight, 365 days of the year. So for your fast, friendly and expert service, make sure you visit Travelex for all your travel money needs.

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