Ford Focus rear tire vibration

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I am having REALLY bad tire vibration between 40 and 60 MPH, especially on hot days. It started off small and shortly after I had a front passenger coil spring replaced. I took the car back a couple of weeks later to have a 4-wheel alignment, but that did not seem to help. The vibration is so loud that I have to yell when talking in my car and it sounds like its vibrating the back passenger-side window. Recently, the noise has gotten extremely worse and is starting to shake my steering wheel.

My tires are alright (needing replacement soon), but I have worn them down even more than this without this sort of vibration. Also, my shocks seem to have given out on my car as a result. So my question is: besides getting another $100 4-wheel alignment, what other options do I have for fixing this problem? By the way, alignment and coil replacement were both done at a dealer location. I am thinking I should not go back and - if possible - fix this problem myself (I am pretty handy and a quick study).


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  1. John


    Tires can develop irregular, especially if they are misaligned. Aligning does not fix the tire it fixes what caused the tire to develop the irregular wear.

    If you rotate the tire out of its current position does the noise follow the tire? If not, then it is a mechanical condition of the vehicle a wheel bearing, or something like that.

    If the noise follows the tire, then it is probably the tire, and the only 2 fixes are to wait until a new wear pattern is worn into the tire, or replace the tire.

    There is one other possibility and that is that your tire has developed a separation. Because this is so dangerous, you should get this looked at immediately - and I mean TODAY! As a quick check that you can do yourself, put on a pair of gloves and rub your hands over the surface of the tread, a bulge is an indication of a separation.

    But get this looked at right away!

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