Ford Focus 2012 Interior designing and special features

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I have to write an article on 2012 Ford Focus. I need to know its interior designing and special features. Is there anyone who can help me regarding my query?

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  1. Marie

     The interior quality of Ford Focus 2012 is higher than 2011 Ford Focus, with modular cloth and, in higher trim levels, optional leather upholstery. Ford Focus 2012 has a lot of special features with excellent exterior and interior designing. Ford Focus 2012 is two cubic feet smaller than the 2011 model. The two lower trim levels come with a one-piece, folding bench backseat, and a 60/40-split version is optional on the SE and standard on the two higher trims. At 13.2 cubic feet, the 2012's trunk is 0.6 cubic foot smaller than last year's model. The hatchback of 2012 Ford Focus, offers a total of 44.8 cubic feet when the straighten seats are folded flat and 23.8 cubic feet behind the backseat, Its Standard and optional features include a keyless-entry keypad, satellite radio, a navigation system, heated side mirrors, remote start, a backup camera, a moonroof, Sync and MyFord Touch. Ford Focus is safe and secure car. Its new model has tested by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 2012 Ford Focus model safety features include traction control, antilock brakes, and an electronic stability system. Ford Focus 2012 is available in many colors. Interior Colors of 2012 Ford Focus are Medium Light Stone, Charcoal Black, and Arctic White.

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