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I own a 2005 Ford Focus ZX5. I bought it used in Feb of this year. It may have had V rated tires on it when I bought it. The 2002 that I had previously had Z rated tires when I bought it used. I was unfortunately unaware of the difference in the tires until I had to buy my first replacement.

Sure these tires handle great, but are not they overkill for a 4 cylinder car that will NEVER be used to race or put in anything but in-town or highway situations? Am I being jerked around by a bossy salesperson?


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  1. John

    Here is what you need to do

    1) Find the vehicle placard. You can easily get the original tire size and the proper pressure for that size. Be sure to make note of the speed rating indicated for the original tire. Post back with that information AND if the tire size you have on there now is different, post what it is.

    2) In the meantime, get an alignment on your vehicle. It is extremely important that they get the values as close to spec as possible especially the toe.

    3) Be aware that most sales people are lazy, and in this case, they are probably going to look at what you have on there now and want to use the same. Since you want something different, you are going to have to invest some time doing some research and the first step is the vehicle placard.

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