For how long the Visa to Singapore for Indians remain valid?

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I have been wondering if anybody could please tell me about the limit or validity of the visa to Singapore for Indians. The thing is that usually people may need information to check their criteria to spend their holidays in Singapore, as it is a fact that most of the Indians wish to get their related quests fulfilled this way, because they use to go for websites online to get some specific information about the visa to Singapore for Indians. I have interacted with lots of people to get to know the exact information about the validity of the Visa to Singapore for Indians candidates. I received various feedbacks from different friends, colleagues and associates upon this question, but nobody could satisfy me with their answers. I just want to confirm if you have any idea that for how long the visa to Singapore for Indians remains valid? I’ll appreciate your help. Thanks!

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  1. Syed Badar Abbas

    As far as the Social Visit Pass (SVP) is concerned, it is legitimate for a period of three months maximum. Similarly, when it comes to the thriving Employment Pass (EP) the candidate is conceded an Employment Pass, which remains legitimate for 2 years upon 1st acceptance and 3 years upon later visa renewals. Moreover, the tourist on a Performing Artiste Work Permit (PAWP) deserves to work for six months in Singapore. If you need to extend your working time, you may need to acquire an EP, SP or else Work Permit.


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