For how long a Website can stay at Alexa top 10?

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I want to have my website in alexa top 10, but I’m wondering that for how long it will stay at top 10. And, how much effort will I need to sustain my alexa top 10 ranking?

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  1. The Web Expert

    Alexa ranking as it’s based on the behavior of toolbar users and so it gets a change almost daily. But as far as top 10 websites are concerned, it may not change on daily basis. Pushing these websites is the toughest challenge for any site. These are the websites with high traffic, and mostly are the utility oriented websites, like Google, Facebook etc and they get millions of unique visitors a day. An Alexa top 10 website will drop its ranking only when it gets a sudden technical problem due to which it’s inaccessible, or there comes a competitor with average daily traffic of a few more millions.

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