Flotec 1 hp well pump

by Guest19086089  |  11 years ago

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I just bought a property that has a Flotec 1 hp pump. It has been off for over 1 year. Would I have to prime? If so, what access point should I prime?

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  1. Guest21138732
    On the highest point of the pump housing is the outlet to go to your property. On the side of that and slightly lower but on the side toward the motor there should be a small plastic plug with a pressure gauge in it. Carefully remove that plug with the pressure gauge and prime until the pump body is full. Then replace the plug/pressure gauge. It is possible that someone removed the pressure gauge and replaced it with a blank plug. If so, you will probably find a small plastic plug with a hexagonal top about 3/4 inch wide in the same position. Use that. Make sure you replace it before running the pump or you are going to have water everywhere except where you want it!

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