What is the best thing to use for the flooring of the iguanas cage?

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I love iguanas to have it as a pet now I recently received an iguana. I got everything down, but I need help with one thing. What is/are the best things to use for the flooring of the iguanas cage. Will play sand be ok?

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  1. Angelina

     The best thing is not anything but only loose like sand, bark, litter, etc can be utilized with an iguana. They stink with their tongues and everything twigs to it. And loose substrates when ingested will origin impactions; they can be dangerous and furthermore costly surgery. Using bulletin or no stack carpeting for example indoor/outdoor works well as does the lizard carpet traded in favorite stores. I've encompassed a rudimentary care sheet for you on the iguana.
    When discovering how to be careful of iguanas, the three foremost care localities are going to be iguana nourishment, protect, and taking care of their personal needs. With correct, attentive care, your favorite iguanas may even reside up to 20 years.
    Once you buy your favorite iguana from the favorite shop, you will require some iguana care provision, for example iguana nourishment and more, which will be recorded underneath in the care directions. Here's how to look after iguanas.
    • The lodgings situation
    • Let the sun glow in
    • Dinner-time needs
    • Nail issues
    • Know how to contain them
    • Know their health desires before buying an iguana
    The iguana care tips should assist you discover how to be careful of iguanas. These are joy and exotic pets so confirm you discover how to look after iguanas correctly before buying one.

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