Can someone dance with flat feet in ballet dance?

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I want to know that can someone dance with flat feet in ballet dance. Does anyone have the idea about it? Please! Someone share their knowledge with me. I hope you can help me.

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  1. Judi

     Ballet is a well known and famous dance in all around the world. If a person has weak ankles or flat arches, ballet is considered to be one of the best exercises for the feet and ankles. It stretches the muscles of the feet, and it can even strengthen the arch of the foot to some degree, including increasing the flexibility of that part of the foot somewhat. Ballet is a good all around body strengthening tool and muscle toning exercise as well.
    If the person who promenades with flat feet desires additional support while going on Pointe, it is likely to cover the feet utilising an ACE binding, and the footwear themselves can be angled somewhat to agree the dancer's natural arch. Also, numerous dancers have their feet assessed very mindfully and have their Pointe footwear made to order. There is habitually a way if the person who promenades is very resolute to come to her goals.
    Sometimes a very high arch is really detrimental to the dancer's method, as it can hurl off the positioning of the base and possibly even the dancer's center of gravity. Low arches are not the only difficulty that choreography dancers can face. As far as the flawless Pointe place is worried, the intermediate arch is really the most undertaking for the dancer's technique.

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