Fix a Flat use - voids road hazard warranty?

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Did not intend to make you defensive with my last reply, but since you did, maybe I should point out something to you. The warranty that you originally supplied from Michelin and I questioned, is not a road hazard warranty at all. This warranty only covers tread life and manufacturers defects. I am surprised that due to your claim that you were trained by Michelin and also held the position of tire service manager that you did not know that. Michelin does not warrant its tires for road hazards - that warranty is sometimes offered by the tire shop, but not Michelin.
Tires which become unserviceable due to:
The addition of liquid, solid or gaseous materials other than air, nitrogen or carbon dioxide, The tire became "unserviceable due to" the "addition of liquid" ( adding fix a flat ).That is the fact and proof you are asking. They sell it to make money.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    You are not pointing anything out to me. I know that is a Michelin warranty. In fact, if you read one of my first reply's to you, I said this came from Michelin. I know the difference with road hazard. While most road hazard policy are written like tire company warranty and harder, I can not speak for the club you dealt with. However, road hazard was not the question. The question was can fix a flat prevent a tire from being repaired. I said yes with proof.
    Therefore, the warranty is voided for a reason. This is where the training comes in. Since the use of this product is a known safety issue, repairs are refused. If you read the road hazard policy, I am very sure you will find something that says that. If I had a copy, I could tell you where.

    This will be my last reply on this issue. If you refuse to accept what I have said for days, then call the club and Michelin. You will get the same answers. Like I said in the first reply, sorry to hear about this, but this is one of those things. Do you know that if you fail to tell a tire tech that you put fix a flat in a tire, that injury or worst can happen?

    I have always told people not to buy this product. If you think you should have not had to buy a new tire, then file a claim with fix a flat.

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