Five star hotels in India

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I am a visitor in India, I want to know some information about famous five star hotels in India, I need this information for my stay in India, please help me.

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  1. Barletta smith

    These type of Hotel have Luxury facility .

  2. Guest27591299

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  3. neha

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  4. reetkour

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    You will get large no of  Luxiurous five star hotels through this website.Enjoy you stay in India.

  5. kate

     India has become an important tourist destination of the world and it experiences an influx of tourists throughout the year. The 5 star hotels in India are available all across the country. The 5 star hotels in India are popular for providing superb accommodation and classic hospitality services. The stay at 5 Star Hotels in India are worth reckoning. All the five Star Hotels in India offers tour facilities to the visitors to the historic places and attractions. Several renowned hotels of India are present in New Delhi. Almost all big hotel chains have their representative hotels in New Delhi. These Delhi hotels provide world-class hospitality and leave an everlasting experience on the minds of visitors. They are famous worldwide for their royal treatment of guests and astonishing services. Online booking of any hotel in Delhi will give you the opportunity of marveling at the beautiful history, culture and affability of this ancient city. The facilities at 5 Star Hotels in India can be compared to the international standards of hospitality. The list of 5 Star Hotels of India are given below:

    • Hotel Jaypee Palace: it is situated in Fatehabad Road, Agra - 282003, Uttar Pradesh (India)
    • Amar Vilas : this five star hotel is present at Taj East Gate Road,Agra- 282 001, India
    • WelcomHotel Mughal Sheraton Taj Ganj: this hotel is situated in Agra - 282001, Uttar Pradesh (India)
    • Hotel Taj View: this beautiful hotel of India is present in Taj Ganj, Fatehabad Road,Agra - 282001, Uttar Pradesh (India)

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