Five example of intonation pattern

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I have my question regarding some of the intonation patterns. Talking about the American English, I would like to know that how many different intonations pattern do the American use during their speech.

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     give 3 example intonation


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     This is something often heard as some people say that English has a melody which happens to be very much the truth. According to what some people think that spoken English has a musical quality. This is something which is reflected probably because there are certain intonation patterns while speaking. Well, intonation refers to the pitch patterns we Americans use when we talk. There are many intonation patterns in American English. These patterns are important because they convey meaning. While some tonal languages such as Mandarin, Cantonese and Vietnamese use changes in pitch to differentiate between words, while English uses pitch or intonation patterns over phrases and sentences to convey better meaning. The two most commonly used sentence intonation patterns used in spoken English are: rising-falling intonation and rising intonation. In rising-falling intonation the speaker’s pitch rises and falls on the focus word in a sentence. The final falling pitch indicates that the speaker is finished talking. For example, he wants to buy a car, she wants to go to the party, they wake up early in the morning and etc. In rising intonation the speaker’s pitch rises and stays HIGH at the end of a sentence. The rising pitch at the end of a sentence indicates that the speaker is waiting for a reply. For example, who is there? When are you coming back? Is he bringing something to eat? And etc.

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    give 5 example question for rising and falling intonation

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