How to fit Pointe shoes?

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I am fond of doing exercises and ballet. Now I want to do Pointe. I do not know the procedure to fit Pointe shoes. Please tell me the procedure. What things should I care for while fitting Pointing shoe. If you have any good ideas about it then please share.

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  1. Marie

     Pointe shoes used to wear during ballet classes. To fit a Pointe shoe is not a big issue. You can easily fit Pointe shoes by means of following procedure. Find your most comfortable street shoes to take an idea about the size of your Pointe shoes. Your Pointe shoe should be 2 to 3 size smaller than your street shoes. Look carefully the shape of your feet Like If it is wide then Pointe shoe should be according to that and if it narrow then your Pointe shoe shapeshould be according to your foot structure. Observe your toes structure and then decide the style of shoes whatever you like. Stand on a piece of white paper and start padding it. There should be half inch of space at the tip in a proper fitting Pointe shoe. Step into the selected Pointe shoe. It should be fit in your feet. Rise on Pointe and check whether you can move back and forth easily or not. If your foot slips into it then it would not be a fit shoe. Your Pointe shoe should comfortably fit in your feet so that it could not create any problem in ballet.

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