Firex Smoke Alarm 120-1182. I am trying to find a replacement for one of my firex 12-1182b and I

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I am trying to find a replacement for one of my firex 12-1182b and I am unable to find one any where. I went to home depot and the model they have has two probs side by side and one at the bottom the problem is all 3 of my probs are in a row could anyone Please Help Me????




  1. Guest28233713
    A good source for the firex detector is Amazon. Kidde makes the firex stuff. looks like a $13.00 cost per unit.

  2. Guest28118537

    Replace it with FireX i4618 (order on line).  You will have to change the connector, but it is easy.  I've swapped two so far.

  3. Guest27849502

    I also have the same problem and need to replace my smoke alarm Firex 120-1182

    Same problem with prongs and ceiling fitting.

    I am in Orlando, Florida 32828  would be happty to hear from anyone that knows where I could get a replacemnt.

  4. Mitchel

     National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) encourages the people to  replace their  home smoke alarms after time span of 10 years. Its nice that you are desirous to replace your old fire alarms with a  new one. Your question is not detailed, as you didnot specify the exact location of the home depot, without these significant details i can't give you a specific answer.


  5. Guest20756922
  6. Guest15304454
    How do I replace the battery on my Firex Smoke Alarm. Is there a manual on line. Thanks jim
  7. Guest15224543
    Hi: I live in Shakopee, MN and i need to replace a FIREX 120-1182 smoke detector (residential). It was originally installed in May of 2004. Could you direct me to a place where I might be able to get a replacement? Thanks
  8. Guest11465251
    Santa Rosa, Ca
  9. Guest11389954
    Please just provide a web address or company to call for a replacement.
  10. Arslan Masaud
    Sir i ready to help you all you need to do is to identify your location so i could be able tell you the best possible solution or market near by your location

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