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Firefighting is the art of extinguishing fires, which is essential to prevent destruction of life, property and environment. This field requires extreme professional and technical expertise. It is an area of prime concern, as a fire can spread and destroy the environment and people in no time. Proper training and facilities are provided to the firefighters to counter emergency situations.

Emergency medical services, ambulances, paramedics, hazardous material mitigation, community disaster support and vehicle rescue are few key responsibilities performed by firefighters. Various countries around the world have formed well-established fire-fighting units as a part of the disaster planning and emergency handling strategies. People need help on firefighting techniques, goals, prevention attempt procedures, rescue missions, fire control to prepare them for any emergency situation. Young and volunteer firefighters also need help and guidance on learning new tips and tactics to improve their firefighting skills.

Providing help and guidance is a need of time due to highly dynamic environmental changes. Awareness, as well as, expertise is required on firefighting by users all over the world. Questions and answers on Firefighting can effectively deliver quality information to the users. A simple question can be asked by user from anywhere around the globe and thus, can be responded by experts. Finding an answer in this respect is easy, as you can post a quick question and get it answered by an expert in no time. The expert response is usually a quick answer.

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