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You sound like the person who could help me with this search. I help with the programming at a large church. We often like to have film clips included in our service to illustrate a point. I have not been able to find an index of films to help me narrow down some choices for certain topics.
Any suggestions?

Right now I am just relying on my own faulty memory of films I have seen myself. An example: a message dealing with pain and suffering might feature a clip from Sophies Choice or Schindlers List, etc.
Hope you can help me

Thanks for trying

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  1. John

    Here are some online sources you might want to check out

    this is a useful link that offers links to many different media related directories. You might be able to find some clips there.

    I have also found the National Film Board ( quite helpful. When I was shooting my own student film last year, I wrote to them asking if they had any clips of people playing Bingo. They wrote back with a HUGE list of films where I could find this. Of course, since my clips were to be used in a film, they wanted me to pay, but if you tell them why you need it, they might point you in the right direction for free.

    Also, try the internet movie database

    you can type random words in the search, and they will give you a list of films that go along with it.

    I hope this helps and if you need anything else, I am always here!


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