Female naat khawan in Pakistan.

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Hey there, I am looking for the list of Female naat khawans in Pakistan. Can someone give me the list?

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  1. ZZ
    Following are the famour names among the female Naat Khawan's of Pakistan:
    Fatima Jafri Naat Khawan,
    Hooria Rafiq Naat Khawan,
    Javeria Saleem Naat Khawan,
    Mehnaz Naat Khawan,
    Nadia Salih Naat Khawan,
    Nayyara Noor Naat Khawan,
    Nusrat Dastgeer Naat Khawan,
    Rubina Rasheid Raza Naat Khawan, 
    Saba Chaudhry Naat Khawan,
    Saira Naseem Naat Khawan, 
    Sumaira Shahzad Naat Khawan,
    Syeda Amber Saleem Naat Khawan,
    Umme Habiba Naat Khawan,
    Uzma Niaz Naat Khawan.

  2. Guest22831311

     Muneeba Shaikh, Hooriya Rafique, Kousar Bano, Hina Nasar Ullah, Umme Habiba, Faiza Faiz, Kulsoom Jilani.

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