Felon what jobs can be denied?

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Do you know what jobs can be denied for a Felon? Please help me!

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  1. James Augustus

    A felony is a very serious crime originated from English common law where felonies were originally crimes which involved the confiscation of land and goods of a person who convicted it; other crimes were known as misdemeanors. Many common law countries have now eliminated the felony/misdemeanor distinction and changed it with other distinctions such as between indictable offences and summary offences. A felony is generally known to be a crime of "high seriousness", while a misdemeanor is not considered a serious crime.
    A person who convicted this crime in a court is known as a felon. The felony/misdemeanor distinction is still widely in practice in the United States. The government of the United States defines a felony as a crime punishable by death or imprisonment in excess of one year. It is classified as a misdemeanor if punishable by exactly one year or less. By using other categories as seriousness or context the individual states may differ in this definition,
    In some countries such as Italy and Spain crimes similar to felonies are delicts that mean less serious, whereas in France, Belgium, and Switzerland, these crimes are considered very serious.
    A felony is examined as a crime of high seriousness. A principal of the rationale for the level retribution meted out is that the punishment must fit the crime. One standard for measurement is the degree to which a crime has negative effect for others or society. Measurements of the degree of seriousness of a crime have been formed.

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