Fee agreement with two intermediaries

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Myself and another intermediary person are trying to get seller and buyer in an international fuel oil deal. Our seller sent us a fee agreement and they will be paying us however myself and the other intermediary person (since he is representing the buyer side) want our fees equally to be transferred into our seperate accounts and he wants to see his name on the fee agreement contract (as his side of the deal knows him but do not know me) and I feel comfortable to place my name on the contract as well since i know the seller side however seller side (they also represent a seller so themselves in a way a broker) said that we can only put one of your names down in the fee agreement and you guys have to figure out to pay eachother but we do not want to do that as this intermediary person and myself never worked together before and this will be a 10 year contract...I am not going to trust an individual to pay me every month each time shipment is made to pay me my fee for the next 10 years and I am sure that he thinks the same way so how do I convince our seller (representative/broker) to put both of our names in this 10 year contract as intermediary consultants.



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